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  1. someone hook it up with a met-art.com one. asap.
  2. mr. maker's mom yelled at him this morning for smashing the toaster trying to breakdance in the kitchen. and he's gay.
  3. well it ain't THAT bad but still...
  4. anyone know of a good program to rip 5.1 audio from a dvd?
  5. i won't post the link but if you google "portishead third mediafire" the album should come up within the first five results. the quality isn't perfect though.
  6. Torquemada


    i was playing assassin's creed for a bit. it was pretty dope, but when finishing the 4th memory block i realized how fucking repetitive this shit is. it's seriously the same first level over and over, i'm going to return this shit tomorrow...
  7. i seent this scam get played out on everybody loves raymond the other day.....poor robert.
  8. fap unemployment fap fap wu tang
  9. i had it but then i switched it back to 10.4.x. running azureus made it extremely slow, even to do simple shit like finding files. my machine's not even a year old and it can't run it properly. i don't remember having to re input serials on CS3 or games though.
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