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  1. bump fatso pesto samo high rollers e2e, thanks !
  2. Close, it's the hobgoblin. green goblin is... green. hobgoblin is orange.
  3. gero

    Ici Montréal

    my argument? what about the guy just saying shit is wack when he doesn't know who he's even talking about, his argument holds up real well. if i wanted to argue i would post examples of the work they have done. and shame on me for being from another city other than montreal, the only city with writers in canada apparently.
  4. gero

    Ici Montréal

    to an ignorant moron like you, it must look like garbage, but considering you dont know that they are both originally from other cities (ottawa, and halifax) and are well respected where they come from, that prod though isnt the greatest example of their talent, look up peru and cabin on visual orgasm.
  5. gero

    SAKE 5MH

    Re: SAKE emo fag^ hahaha
  6. ^^ whats that got to do with crews?
  7. ^hahahah ya eet doesnt vork for me eizer
  8. gero


    this guy has ups in alot of canadian cities, nevermind being a king of bombing in ottawa like the other guy said, you just dont know until you've been here
  9. ahahah thats classic, but who here HASNT lit one backwards
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