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  1. damn, the CFSK is fucking DOPE I mean god damn!
  2. haha didn't mean to post the same thing treblinka
  3. Yeah666

    Dear A&E

    That episode is classic!
  4. I rock an afro most of the year, only keep my hair short during the summer. I usually cut my hair in the spring, and let it grow out until next spring.
  5. Have to check these out, I recently got into them through there Blue album (which I liked a lot).
  6. High on Fire!!!!! Been listening to there shit a lot for that past couple months ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STk42JYnk2U
  7. Some of the funniest dialogue I have heard on a tv show.
  8. Man, I tried a lot of drugs last year, mainly out of curiosity. Had an equal amount of good and bad experiences, but for this year I'll just stick with weed. Since smoking weed daily actually helps me out physically and mentally. Plus I've seen how harder drugs have screwed up some of my friends. I'll still take psychedelics every once in a while, helped expand my mind haha. Alcohol is whatever to me, I'll drink it, but not to get drunk.
  9. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... Then they want child support on top of that:lol:
  10. This shit in 3d was dope as hell!
  11. Here we go, highlight of the fucking night
  12. Friend from Oregon came to visit in the mourning, smoked a bowl and bong with her. Chilled with her for a while, then we drove up to my homies house at 9 pm to start off the new years eve party.Went well, nice amount of drinks, drugs, and some ODB playing in the background. There was only about 10 people there. Then we got hooked up with the biggest bag of chron I've ever seen, I'll see if anyone took a pic of it. After midnight was a blur, I just remember taking a lot of shots, probably did a line on top of that. Strangely, woke up in my Oregon friends bed, semi naked. Damn, been getting recap texts for 2 hours now, a few flicks as well...
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