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  1. Mother fuckin sad jose is the boi!!!
  2. Raymcgrief1234


    a lot of great stuff but also a shame to see such great boxcars with so much whack bullshit sidebustin toy graffiti. most armns are trashed nowadays. The critic "it stinks!" ...great car!
  3. jade lead smut damn its a shame to see that ttx derailed with clean panels.
  4. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ someone say maple?
  5. anyone know how to get a hold of this person writing grief????
  6. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ some from the vault....
  7. thanks a lot folks appreciate the comments. next one wont be for a while.
  8. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ That wraps it up everyone. These are all fresh off the rails caught in the last month. Hope you like what you saw and steal some pictures if you must. Be safe! I'll catch you on the rails!
  9. During the Second World War, Winston Churchill’s finance minister said Britain should cut arts funding to support the war effort. Churchill’s response: “Then what are we fighting for?” "The law will never make men free, it is men that have to make the law free." -Henry David Thoreau "Mother tried to tell me, stay away from the train line, she said that all the railroad men drink up your blood like wine." -Bob Dylan Here we are again, back at the grill. Special thanks to the men and women of the Railroad and those who live their lives near and are attached to the rails. Thanks to Bike Envoi for contributing pictures. Enough said, enjoy... Music: http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/
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