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  1. I remember this thread would have a new page or 2 everyday, now a page stays the same for a week, partly because you have to login every time and people are too lazy to do that...
  2. Tacoe with the FH shout.. Good looks homie.
  3. ^ Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life.
  4. Although I think the name is gay and he should change it, that japie is pretty fresh... I think him and gane should fist fight then shake hands after, and just bomb.
  5. This thread is back on track.
  6. Dude said he went over all those spots before he died instead of after he died, but isn't that still beef regardless?
  7. she's crafty

    NC graf.

    Fresh !!
  8. she's crafty


    Fresh ^^
  9. she's crafty

    Benching; it's a family affair

    Good stuff
  10. she's crafty

    The City Beautiful......