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  1. I remember seeing a documentary posted on this thread before I deployed and I can't find it anywhere after searching the trailer was about some British thug type dude and I think the tag line was no matter what don't stop filming. Any help?
  2. The Marine Corps is involved with a lot of humanitarian aid that doesn't get a whole lot of press but were not all infantry grunts..Well i am, but i have gone and handed out rations and gone on aid missions..
  3. this thread is just ridiculous but i just smelled my own fart..
  4. As a marine i am completely down with donating for the veterans and i can speak from first hand experience toys4tots is an extremely amazing organization and i have gotten the opportunity to actually hand out the toys to these kids is just something i will never forget.. if you want to donate to a charity that is truly for the people receiving the charity go buy a toy and donate it..
  5. growing up in Chicago you see these guys everywhere in the city.. and have definitely had a meal because of them quite a few times growing up i always get them either on the way into a store and the way out.
  6. yeah but she'd have to keep that fucking mouth closed bitches braces were scary.
  7. cotto had no heart in it pac was just too fucking fast
  8. i feel like without all the magic powers and shit Buddha would fuck jesus up
  9. dated her during highschool took her virginity... hugest mistake ever
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