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  1. Drunk work is great if you have to deal with people.. Just take some cough drops to cover that shit up.
  2. Always and for sure absolutely definetly not going to work sober
  3. I think Revok just has fun.. And really doesnt give a fuck about what you may think
  4. Woah so im not crazy? Because i keep saying this shit and people look at me like im a damn mall rat
  5. Yo the buses arent always safe either.. I have been in a bus collision before.
  6. Aight hyabusa.. Just as long as you enter it.. lets do greedy smurf
  7. Holly shit Remind me to never take acid and walk down that block
  8. Hes just pissed because i burned him with a toss up
  9. It was just some painting i was doing and then i didnt want to do it anymore so i did the smurf thing over it..
  10. Heres some reference for painter smurf If anyone else wants to fuck with this dude..
  11. Okay so this is like the other battle threads but it has a twist.. Only smurf shit.. All smurf themed battles.. Q666 and i are up first- Due tomorrow- The word is painter smurf ( he knows the rules).. Fuck it, Q Due at 11 tomorrow night my time.. Whatever time that is if you think this is stupid just save the hate for After the first few battles Please.. SHiTS rad
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