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  1. indeed. hope your well man.
  2. ^hey lenzi...that halloween wall was still running last time i saw...
  3. ^just dont. if you dont have illegal work to support your "art" then no way in hell. please tell me this is a joke though...
  4. "sneak" i can probably provide you a pm with one or two email addresses it would probably have originated from, but i no longer use them / forgot passwords etc....
  5. i take it this wont affect people already signed up? raven, while you seem to be about how would i go about getting back the original "sneak" user name?
  6. it took two pages on a GRAFFITI forum, in a thread where people discuss how they relieve their stree for someone to mention GRAFFITI. oh dear.
  7. this used to furstrate me so much. i think i was one of the first brits on here....
  8. spotted this in copenhagen earlier this year
  9. does anyone know what might be causing this on my comp? every so often, it seems the graphics go and evrything becomes blurry. check the circled bit...
  10. SneakV2.0


    i remember you frenchy!
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