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  1. meat and salt..... iron deficiancy. take a vitamin.
  2. i also have a pair of these. this color is amazing and gets better with time.
  3. fucking old fawts. 1990 spencers gifts called and want their posters back.
  4. wait! that is not fucking real! nobody looks like that. not real! NOBODY!
  5. maybe you guys should put on lingerie and fight it out. take pics. nancys.
  6. and play hide and go punch you (not you)in the mouth.
  7. fuck that. hit up my pub and get shitty!
  8. that roulette thing looks glorious!
  9. if i were stranded on an island. i would figure out how to make booze and listen to these shitty yet essential albums. *black sabbath-master of reality *7 seconds-walk together,rock together *mono(japan)-walking cloud & deep red sky *joe jackson-im the man *led zeppelin-1,2,3 *ella fitzgerald-the coleporter songbook *johnny cash-live at folsom prison, greatest hits...vol.1 *high on fire-surrounded by thieves * any husker du *all-allroy for prez *dead milkmen-beezlebubba *murphys law-self titled *electric wizard-dopethrone
  10. you are gay and retarded.
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