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  1. Wow can anyone tell me where i go after ive mastered basic block letters? And how i start spicing up my letters? All i wants a simple answer
  2. seriously what do i do when ive mastered basic letters?
  3. If i master block letters where do i go from there?
  4. So i do this all day?
  5. I mean i can already draw like perfect block letters... Why cant i just go ahead and spice up my letters?
  6. How long do i have to do simple letters before i can get into more advanced stuff?
  7. iGraffiti


    Ok heres some stuff i did today. I just started Is there anything you see that i couldve done better? Any tips on arrows,extentions,anything thatll make my stuff look better would be appreciated.
  8. http://www.mrwiggles.biz/how_to_construct_a_letter.htm Is this the right way to construct a letter or any letter at that? I mean do you have to overlap lines to get a good letter and erase them afterwards or do you just make the letter by just doing the outside lines and dont do that overlapping stuff like it says to do in that link? And i would appreciate it if someone tells me step by step the right way to construct a letter if that one is wrong
  9. Heres some stuff i did. I posted this on another forum and they said my letter structure needs alot of work. What i wanna know is how do i do that? Like i see peoples blackbook peices and i wonder how are they that creative? What im guess im trying to ask is how do i improve my letter structure? And if anyone wants to explain it to me on aim my aim is KickingEmericas.
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