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  1. Actually I smell pretty good. I use organic shampoo.
  2. Format Mag presents Predators of the Sprawl, Issue One. Illustrated by Halibut Krill from The Nursery.
  3. Because they're rare and hyped? Same reason anything else does.
  4. For those of you who missed, were excited about, or saw and hated our Sneaker Wallpapers set from 2006, we’re back with a set for 2007. Designed by Kaya Thomas, this years set includes the Reebok x Alife Ball Out, the Nike x CLOT “Kiss of Death” AM1, the Pigeon Dunk Lo, the Nike Air Jordan Spizike in Black/Red/Green, and the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro “Thunder.” All backgrounds are available in 1024×768, 1280×1024, and 1600×1200 resolutions. Steal them, paste them, and share them with your friends — just make sure you don’t forget who hooked you up. See the full set here: http://formatmag.com/format-sneaker-wallpapers-set-2007/
  5. I'm looking for books on graffiti that aren't just tags, murals, or trains, but actually take a critical look at the artform in terms of cultural, sociological, etc. factors. Bomb the Suburbs is an obvious choice, but can anyone make other recommendations?
  6. Not feeling? Or is that an orgasmic uughh
  7. Got you... The links too if you want to grab them direct: De La Soul: http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_delasoul/DELA_1024X768.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_delasoul/DELA_1280X1024.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_delasoul/DELA_1600x1200.jpg Tiffany: http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_tiffany/TIFF_1024X768.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_tiffany/TIFF_1280X1024.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_tiffany/TIFF_1600x1200.jpg Infared: http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_infared/INFRAREDS_1024X768.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_infared/INFRAREDS_1280X1024.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_infared/INFRAREDS_1600x1200.jpg Mars Blackman: http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_mars/MARS_1024X768.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_mars/MARS_1280X1024.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_mars/MARS_1600x1200.jpg Olive: http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_olive/OLIVES_1024X768.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_olive/OLIVES_1280X1024.jpg http://formatmag.com/wp-content/gallery/shoewallpaper_olive/OLIVES_1600x1200.jpg
  8. Just came across these today and they are looking fresh to death. I don't often see sneaker posts here, but I'm sure some of you are fanatics. Check out these beautiful vector inspired wallpapers: De La Dunk, Tiffany Dunk, Infared AM90, Jordan Olive, Jordan Mars. http://formatmag.com/format-sneaker-wallpapers-set/
  9. My bad, missed em. Moderator feel free to delete.
  10. Ya'll up on these? Format brought the heat with this one...like 50+ trains on the site, all looking fresh. Also a profile on Duro3 this issue.
  11. Re: you ever just want to punch your girlfriend in the face? Every day?
  12. The Wu-Tang “W” is one of the most distinguishable logos in hip-hop culture. Wu clan members adorn the “W” logo on everything from clothing to chains, but it is most prominent on dozens of album covers. By staying consistent with the infamous “W,” the Clan have made themselves instantly recognizable and popular within hip-hop culture. For more on Wu-Tangs cover artwork and albums please visit http://formatmag.com/art/wu-tang-clan-logo at Format Magazine..
  13. Hey everyone, I'm a writer for Format Magazine (http://www.formatmag.com). Our graf artist bombed (no pun intended) on us this issue. We're a new magazine, but so far this month, we've already had 15,000 unique visitors, so your work will reach a very wide audience. The issue goes up tonight, and we need a last minute feature for the "Spraycan Stories" section (http://formatmag.com/category/art/spraycan-stories). Previous features include Totem and Loomit. If you're interested in being featured, please send the following info to arts@formatmag.com by 5pm EST today: - Name - Artist Statement, Bio, or Spraycan Story (a personal story about bombing, writing, whatever -- don't bother unless it's interesting) - Webpage link (if you have one) - Your best 10 flicks (and if possible a place to see/get more) We run a feature every two weeks, so if you can't make the 5pm deadline today, you are welcome to send in for consideration, however, we usually search out artists. This is one of the few opportunities we having an open call, and it's only because we absolutely need an artist right now.
  14. ^^^ I'll take that over a toy any day of the week.
  15. The Flava Flav one is even doper imo. Whatever, to each his own.
  16. These are so dope. Straight up I want all four, shipping is pretty expensive though. Mezco dropped a Public Enemy set with Chuck D and Flava Flav too that I haven’t seen before. You got the Biz toy, the Ghostface toy, is there anything else? More pics and info: Format Mag
  17. There's a dope Totem feature at Format magazine. Straight out of Atlanta, Georgia, Totem has been applying paint to surface for sixteen years. Consistently staying tight with his colour themes–no crazy mash-ups here–Totem keeps true to his style, which is recognizable through his robotic lettering. Most of his lettering guards the way to a detailed background, bringing the viewer to the next step and known trademark recognized in Totem’s pieces — a complete and conclusive mural. His backgrounds give way to organized technique, and a love for animation. Behind each piece, another world is almost always introduced, with Totem’s name usually standing as gatekeeper. Working around the world, from Japan to Switzerland, Totem has brought his work to centre stage, launching his pieces into the mainstream. Totem’s earned an admirable amount of respect, through not only his independent graffiti work, but also through many of his professional contract-contacts who seek him out for quick access to the street cred that he’s built for himself over the years. Totem has worked with household names such as: Nike, Xbox, PSP, Coke, Red Bull and Red Cross, just to name a few. Big name companies aren’t the only ones paying attention. A number of celebrities, including, Outkast, the Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, Goodie Mob and Usher Raymond, have commissioned Totem for both personal and advertising purposes. Yet, Totem’s work is still found on sites like Chris Chillemi’s five year old Robots Will Kill, whose focus stays on the artist despite whatever picks up, or falls off, in the mainstream world. Totem seems to be keeping his feet on both sites of the line, paying the bills and still producing art that keeps today’s kids on their toes. We’d say that he’s just about earned his sweet sixteen. Check more of Totem’s work out at: http://www.mr-totem.com See the rest of the feature:
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