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  1. chyea


    somebody post some flicks.
  2. whos down for a sitcker exchange?? PM ME tryin to send a package of like 6 or 7
  3. go to the store find the one that will fit in your pocket and walk the fuck out
  4. chyea


    mines sigh cantwo dark all of MFK heist begr
  5. thats some real shit. props to them
  6. coupe apes i live across the street from tracks and i see at least one of their frieghts everyday
  7. i dont really feel these threads, if you want to post your shit then post it on the sketch thread, or whatever it fits according to. i open these threads and see this shit and its just a waste of time. post it on the sketch thread, they will give you feedback. and if they dont then step your game up
  8. nice, post em if you got em.
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