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  1. True good break down, but I was really just getting at the cost of cable tv itself, primarily having ALL the channels. Either way its no big deal, if youre comfortable with what youre paying yourself then that is all that matters. I didnt know that about AppleTV. Part of my reason behind it all is because for the past few years Ive used my computer for EVERYTHING and have yet to buy a nice TV. I dont even own a game system. Just have put time and money into other things.
  2. what do you expect? I mean if the cops in the US could get away with this just as easy then there would be a lot of MCs dying. Personally I think if that did happen here we would be rid of a lot of douche bags, and maybe even better music lol
  3. I have hulu, Amazon prime, and netflix. I hate hulu and the only reason I have it is because I have issues on the computer and watch it mainly on my Itouch AND I need to subscribe in order to use it on my mobile. Netflix is going well but to tell you the truth Ive been very happy with Amazon Prime. I mean I get 2 day shipping for anything ordered and basically everything netflix has. Limited on the hulu stuff but I do like the option to pay a few bucks to watch what Im actually looking for than see it and be like "damn I gotta wait for it to come in the mail." Its a double edge sword over all but to look at it 30 bucks a month for the three is way better than 100 for cable TV.
  4. no its blended whiskey like almost all canadian whiskeys. Its made by Crown
  5. Friends just bought me a bottle of Makers 46. Pretty good. Makes it hard to drink regular makers now though. I do get down with some Woodford. Bulleit is nasty but I do enjoy their Rye. Larceny had been new to the scene is pretty good for how cheap it is. I get sick of people screaming for crown. Ive had the Crown XR and it wasnt anything stupendous, I mean people pay 20 bucks for a shot of it where I work. Although with the mention of Crown I must say my go to extra cheap choice is some good ol CC.
  6. Man its been a minute since Ive posted. Lots of awesome things in the past few pages. This kitchen remodel has me getting angry as of late because I still have no stove and no oven! But its soon to be over and I might go broke having a cooking frenzy. Going to have a stock pot size burner on the new stove that Im excited for just need to get me a good large pot. Anyways, comfort food on the day off. Quick and easy. Smoked salmon bruschetta. made a lemon feta vin to toss it in with some sun dried tomatos, capers, red onions, and a little basil. Tried to make it pretty before I inhaled it.
  7. I was talking with a coworker about this the other day. Really there is no telling what will happen. WHich is what makes this show so great! I did say that if I get any sense of common or cliche or anything that reminds me of typical television Ill disown this series entirely. Even if it seems like they make a speedy finish. This show deserves to go out in the glory its established over the past 4 1/2 seasons.
  8. im lost as to what all that food might be. doesnt matter even the "fast food" appearance has me droooling.
  9. I havent read the whole thread. I do like the fact from what was said here. No patience for such ignorance is how I see it. We are generations past such things but yet every race is to blame for this. If they paid for the research then they could prove such things, every race is at fault. Fine Im white and I know other whites are to blame for this, same as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and purple people. My goal is to not have people like the negative in my life and to not raise my children this way. Paula should be ashamed for what she said. It doesnt matter where you are from, what you came from, and how you were raised when you are in the business world you are a Professional. You are offering yourself to the world a service. This service means that what ever your profession you are there to offer your best and to be satisfactory. You look past every type of prejudice to perform your job. Even if Paula had this personal dislike she as a professional should have looked past it and performed in her job without error, no matter what the paycheck entailed. You can refuse service to those with this attitude but you cant provide service to those having such an attitude yourself. I despise racial ignorance. I had some dude shouting FUs one night to me (a bar regular) because I said my ex was african instead of using the term "black." Now I didnt object at all or make it evident I didnt approve of "black" he just jumped on it. Sorry but when my ex was someone who had only lived in the US for 4 years and grew up with such a culture as her home country in Africa then shes freaking African! Funny thing is where I live in the US some dont realize how many Africans that have immigrated to the US truly hate black Americans. That in itself is sad being that there is the same color and theres still hate.
  10. love watching carpenter bees buzz out holes in wood. Its all good though Monsanto will kill off all honey bees eventually.
  11. iced...black coffee...staring at walls...
  12. Word yeah. Maybe in the near future. I got a couple of destinations coming up two being Jacksonville then Nashville. I worked with a chick that was from NOLA and trust me she made sure people knew she was from there and it was the best place ever. I need to step up my game! here I am casting basic with aluminum and Nowon is slinging out some jewelry. Two things are on my itinerary; get 2 pyrometers to better follow my temps and finally fabricate that second furnace. Oh wait three things, the other being a waste oil burner so I can start smelting some serious quantities.
  13. very nice. Ive been busy. Next time I have time I want to delve into making a centrifugal setup to test making really small pieces. Especially with precious metals.
  14. Dear Kanye, :insert rant: Fuse
  15. This. Yet the 3 I did know I was happy to not see that huge of a disgusting difference. Ive never got down with the fake implant collagen stars.
  16. been checking beHance more and more since i started a profile. this one photographer had me with his pics. his two other projects were ok but the Genetic Photography was pretty dope. http://www.behance.net/gallery/Genetic-Portraits/2198099
  17. Been a minute. So breakfast for dinner. Baked Avocado with Eggs. Good ol potatoes onions peppers and bacon cooked in bacon grease. Fresh salsa, sour cream, cilantro. Eggs a lil done but Im still with a proper oven.
  18. Forget some DAO. Pansy lurker is all he is to me. Anyways, why does the first pic look legit and the other too mega digital. Theres stick figures 1000 feet high in that last photo.
  19. Push button OJ makes a sound like wing ning ning ning ning as it fills your cup. Cream....cheese....danishes. Growing up traveling camping everywhere I love love a good Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn Continental breakfast. Limitless cheap OJ and danishes make me a happy man.
  20. man i havent posted in a minute! heres one from dinner. i got a few others if I can find them inbetween my two comps. pulled pot roast, aged cheddar and horseradish mustard on asiago peppercorn bread. Im feeling fat and happy.
  21. Took a break from metal and fired up the kiln for some test runs. Going a lil too hot but still coming out beautiful. I was making my own clay casings out of burlap and clay which Ive done before. I figured Id give the flower pot deal a try when it comes to Sagger firing. This time i used steel wool as a colorant. Ive recently started a blog site to help my productivity. I cant find the blog site thread in untitled so I guess ill post up later
  22. Ill third this. You know not to just jump on the band wagon but when I saw this movie was "tarantino" I thought it would turn out gorey, good, and have a good story line. Iron fists was AWEFUL! I mean AWEFUL! Rza was aweful! 50 cent is a better actor and thats saying ALOT! The story was ridiculously stupid. If they were really taking an old style and trying to utilize it through film....still fail! Sorry I was just pissed I even had to pay RedBox for this movie. Glad I was drinking during it, got drunk towards the end and it did me the favor or passing me out.
  23. Ive seen that one! Looked amazing want to try!
  24. Loved the Narwhal, hated the Ruthless Rye, yet I definitely am enjoying this one. I thought it would have some cloud to it but its a clear deep amber almost orange red. The bitter is real easy and smooth with a very faint sweetness. Strong grapefruit yet it wasnt really floral like other imperials. :edit: Almost forgot about this one. Not bad. Im just really happy that I can get a quad at the grocery store near me. They have a couple other beers too by Boulevard that I havent tried yet.
  25. Damn I was one enthusiastic drunk guy last night...
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