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  1. ShortFuse


    Fuck him and his retarted monkeys, hate that mother fucker. As much as Id like to get some art out in the open and make some cash, I dont want to end up being just like him and the other sell outs. So many say they wont sell out, look what happens..
  2. very good movie I think. Night is dope. I must say there isnt anything misleading in the previews compared tot he movie like The Village. Anyone?
  3. Over all Im a nice guy especially towards women, but ever once in a while I love to be an asshole, hell, it can be so much fucking fun. Whos worse? Ill post some after you all give some input.
  4. I actually had a style to go by and knew letter structure, woke up and thought it was a nightmare.
  5. I meet myself every morning in the bathroom mirror, hahah, nah just joking ummmm I seen a bunch of famous people, never met them though. I say fuck em, alot of em are just assholes and dont give a fuck about you.
  6. Ha opps bad typo there, oh well hahaha funny though
  7. Re: i drank 5 beers My heart burn and acid reflux is getting way to bad. Too much OJ, coffee, beer, red wine, and staying up mad late and eating food. Fucking nifty Id say.
  8. Emo/hardcore genres, where ugly people go to look uglier. Seriously! fat dagnasty bitches cutting there hair all fucked up THEN putting on some bright ugly ass make up, PALE and some bad teeth. Nasty sheit.
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