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  1. Im not sure what type but they are figs. Sometimes I have to pick them a little before theyre ripe because theyre so rich in sugar that the birds and the bees get to them before I do. Although this year in the South East there has been so much frickn rain that its screwed up all the produce around here. No I dont grow but I do enjoy what my families property does produce, naturally, muscadines, scuppernongs, figs, pecans, and apples. Oh wait also a certain type of concord but I never get them before the bugs. Ive told myself the past two years, IM GOING TO HAVE A GARDEN! I have 8 acres my parents wont mind me playing with, yet every year Im to damn busy to actually do it. BUT I will say this fall I will be prepared to have some bees this next year. I will NOT miss bee season again.
  2. Agh Noooo this thread on the second page! This was a rescued failure benedict. I really wanted to do fried green tomatoes with it but I didnt plan accordingly. Maybe if I had a proper STOVE TOP! Soon....soon... So yeah benedict with roasted red pepper hollandaise, from scratch not that powdered stuff, over the usual but I did a bacon weave instead of ham. and Ive been harvesting these between the birds and the bees. In the freezer awaiting I dont know what...more than likely a jam like I do every year.
  3. opps sorry yes i am. my mistake i should of listed that
  4. I dont stand and pee, I stand widely, then lean with one hand on that back wall, and piss so that the stream is literally in the middle of the bowl. No joke. I do it so much that the hand mark is something that could appear if I dont regularly clean the wall. Ive bent a few towel racks whilst drunk peeing. i lay out a net of toilet paper before a supposedly messy dump to break the splash factor.
  5. :spoiler alert!!!!: Just finished watching. Awesome episode! Top heavy hank is finally gone, but you gotta give it to the guy that was a way to go...like a champ. I hated Marie making Skyler tell Walt Jr so soon. The phone/knife view yet another one of those camera angles that tease. Then the whole Walt Jr walking towards the knife pointed up during the fight yet only to turn around and no body get stabbed. As we all should have known from the first episode of s5 with the biggun it was all about the money. Nazi dude has some principles leaving him ten mil. I knew Jesse was going to get drug back into cooking, i think we all knew. I didnt think Walt was going to take Holly. I feel for Walt though towards the end, having to say such harsh words. None on the receiving end will ever understand why he did what he did and said what he said. WITNESS PROTECTION! He made himself to look like, well himself, to make the family look threatened enough that things need to be moved and hidden. So the big gun is not for Hank or Jesse its for the Nazis. :edit: That comment to Jesse that Walt made was, as I hate the word usage, was boss. But I must say that comment will shoot Walt in the foot, and maybe the face, in the foreseeable future.
  6. Been a minute. Still dabbling in using two or more materials to make a whole. Funtional "test" mug with a cast aluminum handle. More will come from this direction.
  7. Todd was all nasty up in the chick comfort zone then sipped from her cup....I see forced sex soon. I agree with the gun shoot out, was talking with a friend about it tonight, it was horrible and fake for the show. Watch the last episode have Jesse sit on a couch, then doze off, only to wake up to walt with a gun to his head, BAM!, then jesse wakes up back in highschool in walts class room. IT WAS ALL A DREAM. quotes not needed for what I was getting at.
  8. Forgot to mention I got these dried blood orange slices from work. We used them to garnish a drink back in April. Been steeping them with some honey for a quick "tea" on the fly when Im sick. Be nice to have some loose leaf to go with them. Any recommendations?
  9. just finished the show...had to download whatever. I called the whole guys showing up even though walt said no. the situations cops catch themselves in when theyre outnumbered and out guned. Yet the show kinda made you feel, are they going to raid hanks house? or are they going to raid in the desert? The game playing has been good. Everybody one uping each other and yet still continuing the story has been good. I still think back of past eps because the director said every loose end will be tied. So why waste time with it reallly? Awesome show, still makes me question the starting scenes from ep 1
  10. I used to drift back and forth between coffee and tea. Strictly black and strong coffee. Had a girl that worked for starbucks so for a minute there I had a grip of Tazo teas at home. Saw my parents get a bunch of teavana stuff and some loose tea. I used to drop some family size green tea bags in a coffee maker at night with some honey and lemon in the pot and set the brew time for when I got up. Green tea can give me some wicked heart burn though. One of those charleston Tea companys opened near me as of recently, along with a spice store, and come November relatively all on the same street a specialty oil and vinegar place. I will be broke by November.
  11. Jesse throughout the seasons has been known to go back to the drugs when crazy situations arise. It was a dusty CD and I dont think it was clarified as to what it was either way it wouldnt matter because he could of picked some up before doing what he was going to do. The skyler car situation I dont see as major. Even if it is then it just shows her advancing breaking bad in being ok or sucked into the situation. I mean she did talk to walt about "looking like successful car wash owners" and talk about buying another car wash. So maybe the car is just her fitting the image. Grey Matter might totally be out of the picture. I think Walts F U to Gretchen in the restaurant was a final message of his bitterness towards the situation. I could see them using grey matter before the finale but I dont see an absolute need to. Maybe Walt Jr will be raised by them at the end of it all because Walt dies and Skyler goes to jail, hank dies or goes to jail, and marie....well Im pretty sure shell just go crazy.
  12. just shows how desparate things are getting. Hank breaks bad by keeping things from the DEA and sheltering a known crimial Gomez breaks bad by being a part of it all. Skyler breaks bad by spying on Walt then telling him he needs to kill Jesse Walt breaks bad, of course, by persuing the route of killing Jesse in the end when he once had the good principle not to. Jesse breaks bad by, in a sense, being good and helping the DEA. Then continues to do so with another plan we dont know of. Walt Jr/Flin, so stupid, breaks bad by being up at night and not part of the breakfast club. They did give some hinting camera angles, at least one that really caught my eye. They filmed Hank through the slats of the chair which made him look like he was behind bars. Extremely possible outcome.
  13. I was working last night and a crazy guest at my bar, she was a "regular" so I knew what was in store... She was talking with a dude then got his photo sent it to a "friend" then came to me asking if I could lift his straw for his DNA and put it in a ziplock, she claimed he was on Americas Most Wanted. She started acting sneaky around other guests. I had to walk away to laugh histerically and she then vented to my coworker mentioning she knew I was laughing at her. I hate that chick, she is crazy, and Im glad she knew I was laughing at her. lolz.
  14. So.....I mean I had to download this episode 2 hours after it aired and Im the first to post...yeah I have no life...or cable. This recent episode makes up for the groundwork ep before it. Im very happy they showed the "confession" because it would have left me frustrated not to know. Even better was the ACTUAL confession. So i was thinking about that article posted where Vince said that every decision made will be resolved or tie it all together. In a sense the decision to pay for hanks medical bills has resolved itself to gaurentee his career suicide or even actual suicide. I think his dishonesty will in the end bite him in the ass. In defense of him I can understand the extremely double edge sword of being honest at the DEA. Walt really nailed it on the head with tieing it all togther in that video. But what is the deal with Skyler? I hate her character but why is she so quiet and going along with it and/or fighting it? Is she so deep in the belief that it reallyis over? Jesse coming to realize the cig missing is going to snow ball into him seeing everything walt has done and shatter any level of innocence Walt has tried to preserve for himself. Episods to come are going to be awesome.
  15. if he won the lottery then he would have double money and look questionable.
  16. yeah SC and GA wont sell it because of the abv. When i was down in florida I thought Id try and pick some up for some coworkers. It was no where to be found. Every place i went just said that they never know when theyre going to get it and when they do its a case and its gone within the week. here i though DFH expanded their brwery to meet demand, or maybe theyre just cruising on their fame and keeping demand wanting.
  17. ahaha you know they took a bunch off the top before filling those 55 gallon drums. I would because screw it hes going to dye soon and Id be out of that situation ASAP
  18. Re: Ghostbuster' who claimed PENIS could exorcise ghosts from inside woman arrested in Chi seems when Im intoxicated I forget the Es in my th's
  19. Re: Ghostbuster' who claimed PENIS could exorcise ghosts from inside woman arrested in Chi LMAO I havent even followed th DAO mumbo jumbo threw th years but that pic made me LOL....along with the article LOL
  20. Those are awesome! The bable is still one of the hardest threads to keep alive! there is so much out there. Ive been following these two dudes on Behance. http://www.behance.net/mateuszwitczak http://www.behance.net/PapperOPenna
  21. No i know al alloy doesnt rust. I was just looking for a quick way to just give a strip bath instead of having to scrub for hours. There parts from an old riding mower, pistons, connecting rods, and the engine block itself. I just havent had much luck with muratic acid baths which some people actually have work for them. Id just toss it in the crucible and smelt away but the extra junk left behind after the burn off could contaminate my aluminum and reduce my over all amount that I can get from the smelt. Thank you though for the response. I cant leave without contributing something to the BMX topic considering I derailed it slightly. My old ride. 0 degree front end on a Dragonfly Motion Makes Motion flatland frame. I recently started to take it apart to clean etc and got side tracked. Old graveyard chainwheel and I have some short biz house crank arms for the compact crankshaft. Years ago i put three hundred into the bike only to turn around and get to busy to ride. I will never part with it and I always tell myself Ill spin around on it in the drive way in the near future...who knows.
  22. Lebron james action figure...I mean...wtf...Michael jordan I can understand that but lebron...NONSENSE!
  23. haha yeah that did give me a little chuckle. The hunter gatherer theory does seem pretty strong. As for public enemys comment I dont think walt would necessarily have to see gus do it. The plain fact that he would take on a more pristine, clean, or neat personality means he might consider doing something like that before vomiting. Although I always try to remember that this show gives so much imagery that temps you to think of it as a possible future. I always think of way earlier in the show the camera was set to an angle where walt is looking down at hank in a chair and you cant see his legs...could it be saying the fat dude will soon be in a wheel chair? And what about that time when walts in hanks office and there was view from a security camera angle?
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