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  1. I kinda chuckled after the first sentence "A killer whale killed a trainer Wednesday afternoon" duh its a wild animal...and its name be killer. It happened at an event called "Dine with Shamu," looks like Shamu had other dinner arrangements, Exactly: "Jack Hanna, director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, said he knew Brancheau and that she would want her work to continue. "What happened is something that happens; it happens in our line of work," he said. "They are dangerous animals; they're wild animals."
  2. brie, balsamic, and strawberries on brioche toasts. comfort food yo
  3. aggravated that I couldnt get my aquaponics started today I decided to cook instead. Coffee Chili rubbed Rib eye, grilled portobello mushroom with brie and strawberry balsamic port sauce, fire roasted leeks. I will say the steak is better seared than grilled, or at least sear first for crust. The leeks I bought were crap but the smokey flavor was good. MacGyvering it up...
  4. Get back in the kitchen! lol. I feel you though. I told myself Ill only drink what I brew but Im sure when it comes down to it Ill just brew more to more haha.
  5. This one I like. I think a good flip, crop, and double exposure layer could really make for something dope.
  6. Culture is what my aim was not color. Oh and thanks for the tampon, it fits rather nice between all my greens. Feels a lot like Christmas.
  7. Ah. so you take the easy way out. Show us DAO. Show us just how you know life is tough. Show us youre the player. Show us that youre the real deal...youre just some fat piece of crap that just likes to rack 10000 (thats ten thousand, dont count the zeros) replies on a forum a year to prove himself.
  8. This kid is for real? ^^^. Hilarity at its best. You gotta be some Cartmen-esque kid with some hermaphroditic mother. Romanians is white huh? what cause of their skin color? pfft what about culture kid? So the white south africans or white? not south africans by culture? What about Spaniards, Cubans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans? Things differ dumb ass. Ill agree with with you yeah pay check to pay check shit is tough. And pay check to pay check at least means someone is busting their ass to get that check. Im talking about those collecting the check and not doing shit. That is what Im angry about. IM not labeling race or anything. Ive done what it takes to survive and pay the bills, taxes, what ever.
  9. I didnt watch the clip, I took into an account that as a nation wide whole there would be a balance of characters. Do I have to judge from what i see in the video? Should I assume that because there are "blacks" or "whites" in the video then they are the over all cause? Am I a bad person for just considering the situation rather than the "races" involved? You are the one counting faces. You are the once pulling race.
  10. Justifying racking along with over doing EBT expenses is just plain wrong. Its like a criminal guilty of murder saying that rape was ok in his defense. Why make this forum a cave of criminals by arguing such a point. What they were doing was going beyond what they were allowed purchase at one point in time. that is breaking the law, that is wrong. Plain and simple. Simple being you mental faculties.
  11. the minute the race card is pulled I call ignorance. EBT is used by all races. My brother, white, and his wife, Romanian. Cut out that ignorant racist bull shit. The use of EBT is shameful from the beginning. Get a job, work hard, and support what you have in your life. If people from other countries can live her illegally and support their families with out this EBT then so can US Citizens.
  12. whats the bag of red stuff? Looking good as always! this thread keeps me hungry. I tossed some chicken, peppers, onion, garlic, coconut milk, cumin, curry, potatoes, green apples, and carrots in the crock pot the other night but didnt get any pictures. Thought I didnt have enough in my big crock to start so I transferred it to my smaller one. Then the small one started to over flow lol. Transferred to the big, then after 6 hours to a boiler pot. I was playing rescue the whole time. At the end of it all it turned out not so bad lol
  13. pathetic. Hate that my brother was even on the crap at one point and time. Tell your wife to get a job bro. Shame the family with such laziness.
  14. I remember one of my old places. My room mate, the idiot that he was, scheduled the electric to be turned off during the last day of our lease. NOT THE DAY AFTER! I was trying to get all my crap ready while he was BSing somewhere. Needless to say we didnt clean the place at all. Left a ton of squirrel meat (he liked to hunt in IL)in the freezer. I know for a fact it was weeks, if not months till someone moved into our old place. Feel bad for the first person to open that door lol.
  15. No not a commission. Its just been a direction Ive been drifting towards trying to incorporate more elements to make a whole. Trying to utilize the limitations, non mastery, of certain crafts to make something great. Ive asked myself that a couple of times because I was aimed to eventually sell to support my progression. Not sure on price. It is still planned to have two cups accompany it. I just havent completed and applied their metal and wood additions.
  16. as stated before the kitchen is being very slowly remodeled. Never remodel when monies is low. Its not wired yet. Our home is out dated in a sense and the person that first wired everything in the kitchen was stupid so we have been dealing with the issue one day at a time.
  17. Been another minute. Finally decided to cook something but didnt have much time, or money. Grilled chicken with Muscadine sage sauce and goat cheese. Red Potatoes cooked with chorizo and mushrooms. Still hating that Im taking pics atop a stove I cant use...
  18. Thats awesome! kinda terrifying lol but still awesome!
  19. Ceramic. metal, and wood Japanese style tea pot.
  20. Yeah the whole salt level isnt high enough in the water. I did have a bin with 35 gallons of water and 80 pounds of salt. A mouse went to it for water, died, and lets just say he was in there for a very long time unnoticed and didnt decompose a bit. You could throw a t-shirt on the the bin and it would float without even absorbing a bit of water ahah. The Ant comment was a good one. Putting it in a Crab cage would be the best idea I think. Crabs would pick away anything edible and you wouldnt risk any larger fish (or sharks) scoring the bone while biting.
  21. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/10/silk-road-raided/ Feds Arrest Alleged ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ the Brain Behind the Silk Road Drug Site The FBI has arrested the San Francisco man they say ran Silk Road, the notorious underground digital bazaar that allowed traffickers to anonymously peddle heroin, cocaine and nearly anything else illegal. Ross William Ulbricht, 29, who allegedly operated the site as “Dread Pirate Roberts,” was charged in the Southern District of New York with narcotics trafficking conspiracy, computer hacking conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy. A second complaint out of Maryland charges him with conspiring to commit murder, after he allegedly paid hit men to kill an employee of Silk Road and one of the site’s vendors. Breaking bad for internet junkies...
  22. I want the Fiero! why must I be broke! The hollys room scene gave me chills.
  23. I was so happy to see Grey Matter come back into the picture. I mean Vince said everything will come together before the end. Walt is already planning to avenge everything that is HIS in the drug world, yet now Gretchen and dude are taking yet another thing from him that is HIS. They always in the past acknowledged that Walt was a big factor in Grey Matter and now they just openly gave Walt up as a nobody. Needless to say Im sure theyre going to die. Jesse is an idiot in this past episode. I mean come on dude LOOK FOR CAMERAS! Todd though is a sick individual. He pulled some Off Mice and Men murder this past episode..."you see the bunnies? look over there" POP! Hes like the pedophile that is know to be the nicest guy in the neighbor hood yet has this horrible dark side. I mean he is fueling the start over of the meth empire. His uncle brushed it off like its nothing but todd brought it back. Is there some explanation as to how Holly came back home? I mean Im sure the firefighters saw a news report, but there is no explanation. Ok I lost my want to type..
  24. Im sure figs would grow in your area judging by what other stuff you can grow. I want to get ahold of some Panachee Figs. Theyre striped like water melons and are said to taste like strawberries.
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