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  1. I know its not always an easy thing when it comes to tailoring. My mother is a very big sewer but even she keeps her distance. I have a machine at my disposal but dont have much time to teach myself. Ill say this though. Tailors are expensive while typically seamstresses are not. Usually theyll take in a shirt or another article of clothing for ten bucks. Tailors tend to be expensive because if Im not mistake they start from square one and actually form an outfit for you from scratch while the seamstresses just alter. Not to keep you from your project, just trying to save frustration in the mean time. Usually Burlington Coat Factories have seamstresses within them. I know Ive gotten alterations for cheap and it looks to be ok work. I wouldnt take any suit of mine to them though if I was looking to get the chest and shoulders altered.
  2. Yeah I just came across a good price on peppers. Wasnt planning on cooking so I just grabbed a bunch of stuff. It was good but next time around I will marinate the pork and season it a little better.
  3. Haha I saw this thread in the top of the list and thought...crap did I get trashed last night and start a thread!?! Nope someone just revived it. Good timing actually. Ive had this bar regular talking about Bullet Proof coffee for a while. SO its started from some guy whos, I dunno, probably a total douche. This is his site http://www.bulletproofexec.com/how-to-make-your-coffee-bulletproof-and-your-morning-too/ Anyways. Its like 8 oz of coffee, tbs of grass feed butter, tsp or more of coconut oil or MCT, and blended. I gave it a try the other day and it was actually pretty good. Kinda like a not so sweet frothy latte. The butter give the coffee a nice creamy flavor. I plan on doing a test run to see if the whole "benefits" to it are actually worth the extra effort.
  4. Last minute throw together. Chili paste rubbed bone in p chop. Mashed sweet potatoes. Baked asparagus. Red pepper mango sauce made from same skillet the pork was cooked in.
  5. Was feeling some lox the other day as I wandered around Trader Joes. Figured Id give their smoked salmon a try since I usually only have the Biltmore at my disposal. It was no where near as salty as the biltmore. Anyways... Left over bacon...left over salmon...bagels with no use...Big Smoked Salmon BLT!!! Deliciously messy..
  6. I need to get back into portioning. I did it for while with breakfast and making a ton of steel cut oatmeal. Im not too worried about lunch and dinner but breakfast is always convenient. I can kill some eggs though, 2 is never enough!
  7. Thought of cooking a lil more on the "healthy" side this past sunday. But then my sister became a surprise guest for dinner and I felt rushed. Oh well. Never poached anything before. So in my lil plug in skillet I did some Lemongrass/ginger poached salmon. Grilled veges. Avocado Wasabi. Raspberry Mustard. Then screw some healthy I figured a quick and heavy meal during the cold. Basically beer brats chopped up with the usual peppers and onions. Yuengling. And Dijon mashed potatoes.
  8. Eh, being religious I was quite curious but after a while of watching I decided this was a waste of time. I tend to find that Creationists are not that religious. And yes I see a difference. This scientist that is a creationists was more of a scientist focused on a subject to prove than someone with a faith. It also saddens me that within the first few minutes one of his evidence finders would be wrong on a very key subject. I mean these guys live well with their incomes yet cant see what is plain as day. To think that the earth was made in 6 24 hour days is wrong. By the text used the earth could have been present for billions of years before the actual 6 days of creation. Even then the bible clearly points to 1000 years to man is only a day to god so even then it wouldnt of been 6 days but 6000 years. To me that seems more logical to allow all of earths environment to develop at its own pace. As for bill nye. Im glad he has his zeal for being a scientist, but he even failed by his entrance debate. I mean just because the grandcanyon shows no signs of the flood doesnt mean it didnt happen. That is a fraction of the earths surface to compare, especially if youre looking for fossils that are large enough to endure time. Kinda like saying HEY! World war 2 didnt happen because there was no conflict in Brazil. One of the many reasons why I see this as a bunch of garbage is that yes, the bible, spoke of those that would "lean upon their own understanding" "tickle the ears" of those in the world to mislead them from truth. Think of it this way....In the beginning there were two friends. One started a fight with the other. That one decided he wanted his friends to not be friends with the one he fought with. SO he started to find ways to divide those from the other. Those in the past have always had a belief in a "god" so he created gods that were false. Now man has lost that feeling so he has found a way to deter them even more through evolution etc. Now he creates confusion and conflict with those on either side making those wanting to see that those leading arent acting accordingly and thus deterring all parties.
  9. Haha for real. I mean who bakes a cake for a super bowl? Chips, dip, and beer man. And also many other things! Those bananas! So What do you do with all that produce?
  10. Felt like a breakfast dinner tonight. Savory French Toast Benedict. Balsamic Hollandaise. Dijon Goat cheese sauce. Basil tomatoes. Sirloin. Asparagus. MacGyver checking in with a "double boiler."
  11. There are many meals that Ive done that I plan to revisit to redeem myself from a failure. This past one was one of those meals. I do think the idea behind it was good but execution was rushed. But as you all know I rush because my kitchen isnt really a kitchen...yet. As of late I love making pork tenderloin medallions wrapped in bacon, theyre just too easy and dont require much to taste great. So I did Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions. Mangu (mashed green plantains) with Black garlic butter mixed in. Ancho Chili Bourbon Sauce (which was weak). Cilantro cream sauce which I rushed to make a second batch because for ONCE I got a sandy bunch of cilantro. I dont always undo the whole bushel and rinse because I usually pluck it, but this time I wasnt thinking and got a ton of sand in my sauce. So very pissed. grilled pinapple and red onions. Manchego cheese.
  12. I find it laughable. Im in the NE of Georgia and we got maybe like 4 inches of snow and everyone flips out. I grew up on the coast Florida with hurricanes all the time and we never shut anything down. Sure people freaked out when it came to getting gas, but that was about it. One whole summer we left our house boarded up because there were so many hurricanes rolling through. Best was, well not best because of so many that died in Louisianna, but because of that hurricane Bud was selling cases for 5 bucks. 24 beers for 5 bucks....ummm yes please. They just dont have the equipment to deal with the ice nor do the towns invest in it because it maybe snows once a year. I think I might buy a snow plow and be the savior lol
  13. Well protester seems like Im going to give some Marrons a go come spring in my Aquaponics system. Theyre a finicky lil species but can still be bought and shipped at a small size. Im all about growing fish but to be honest I would much rather eat crustacean day in and day out!
  14. I saw someone mention etsy. You could sell everything through it. Even commissions. You can post reserved listings so that you can arrange specific people to purchase an item. What that does for you is allow you to showcase your work for others to see, and in sense if they like it the restriction might create a want in there mind. Ive come across a bunch of shops with very few non-reserved items. It also allows you to show youve had sales and received positive feed back which in turn makes people want to buy from you. The only downside to Etsy, to me that is, you have to play their game. What I mean is that it has a huge social media background to it. People can "favorite" and "admire" items in your shop or just your shop itself yet never buy anything. People can follow each other and in turn others can see who they follow. Its a good thing really for an artist, yet the double edge aspect of it is that I feel if you dont participate in the game people might see you as a "bad" etsy person. On another note. Paypal has created what they call Working Capital. They chose 90 thousand Paypal users throughout the US and depending on there financial activity through Paypal they were offered loans. Each one qualified for a different amount. Upon given such an amount they were able to chose a percentage of pay back from each paypal transaction. I think it was anywhere from like 2 % to 18 %. No late fees, no minimum, just what ever percentage would come out of every incoming transaction done through paypal thus ensuring they got their cash. Genius idea really. Obviously you would have to be someone that uses paypal for a business to be able to use it, but still it would be something to work towards. My mother was actually one that got the opportunity to take advantage of it. Shes had an Ebay/Etsy business for years. She was offered 2500 which she only took a grand. Turned around and bought an Ipad Air for doing festivals. 3 months later she almost 50 % of it paid back with no credit detriment to her. I heard recently there a plenty of banks that are pissed about Paypals thing. Theyre just mad they arent robbing people of interest.
  15. Nice man! I will say if you sell those "knuckles" Id be wary of your description. I remember my brass knuckles from long ago were sold as "paper weights" so that there was no issue as them as a weapon lol
  16. From what Ive know is that Cilantro and Coriander are the same as Premium just stated. Cilantro usually refers to the leaf while coriander refers to the seed. With that being said what Ive also known is that its a US thing to separate the two where as in most (if not all other) countries call it by its real name which is Coriander. Stating the leaves to be coriander leaves and so on. Cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander. Leave it to the US to complicate things. I guess it is the same when it comes to Plantains and Bananas. Essentially the same species but different types. The US likes to differentiate between the two where as many other countries just state "Banana."
  17. My fig trees are dormant during the winter. They loose all their leaves till spring. Theyve been firmly established for years. As for my green house its not stocked at all. Car issues etc have taken me away from getting it all in order. Main thing is that its built. I have to get a few more sheets of clear roofing and it will finally get optimum light. Im hoping to get another IBC tote from a plastics place around the corner from my house and I will begin to get all the aquaponics in order.
  18. See now my family has thought of goats. Someone 1/4 mile down the road from us has a ton! Ive heard some people say theyre a lot of work then others say theyre not. They say if you let them just grave the land and dont give them feed then there is a huge potential for them to get worms. Of course that means Vet visits. I dunno but I'd love to have a few for the milk to make cheese with.
  19. IRs potassium levels must be through the roof! Awesome post none the less.
  20. Thanks. I got like 2 lbs of brie from work. Came in one day after they had this xmas lunch and noticed no one really ate the brie so needless to say I wrapped it up quick and stashed it away. Next time I will definitely make more cheese sauce before the bake cause it could of used just a bit more. I was happy with the mushrooms but used a cheaper red wine. A bolder wine would of benefited it greatly. Still without a proper kitchen. Plus we have a breaker issue with our old wiring so I cant have more than two things running when the lights are on. Cooking nightmare. I got a skillet for a sauce, skillet for the veges, boiler plugged in for the noodles, no oven so a toaster oven for the macncheese, and Im outside with the grill. AND its winter time so Im trying to plan out what is cooked first so as to have it all in order and hot in the end. But Im closer to having the stove top working. Its in place, not hooked up, but we have part of the tile done.
  21. Ny Strip. Savory Red wine mushroom sauce. Greenbeens almondine. Brie/Gouda/cheddar/bacon mac n cheese. No fancy plating just a cold night and wanted some good eats.
  22. See how does this go on for so long without someone speaking up? You best believe if a cop tried that with me I would be raising hell within minutes. Although after the last time I got stopped Ive resolved to recording any and every pull over or what ever in the future. Cant trust police. Never have, Never will.
  23. in what sick world did a dino 100 times the size of a bunny get down with an actual bunny? I mean that would impale a bunny. Dudes sick in the head.
  24. Well I know its no old building, train track, up close macro shot but I still liked how this photo is. I was trying to document my last glass melt but with a point and shoot canon it likes to adjust when things are too bright. Through the peep hole in my kiln. estimated 1600 degrees. Caught the flowing glass coming down. With all the red you can almost catch a little bit of the blue/purple glass on the one furthest back.. Not as photo worthy but I caught it when I lifted the lid to drop temp.
  25. So I have been wanting to do a tar tar for a while. Finally got two small chunks of ahi from work and proceeded to execute it this evening. Stumbled across a similar idea a while back so I used it as my direction. Tar Tar with diced avocado over top. Cucumber broth made from cucumber, mint, basil, cilantro, ginger, and some tangerine/lemon juice. I made plantain chips to serve as accompaniment but ended up just adding more ginger and eating with a spoon. Very fresh and clean.
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