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  1. Had to re-read my post last night...too much red wine.... Yeah I REFUSE to do anything with a brush pen or that haggard ink stick look. I just dont find it appealing. I know some people have been using instagram as a selling platform along with exposure. Theyll "list" the product on instagram with a price and leave directions to Direct Message pay pal info for payment. Ive been meaning to give it a try but I just dont feel like having to log in log out of multiple accounts. Lol I guess Im lazy.
  2. Word you deserve it man. What about Instagram? You mentioned social media but thats a bulk of many things. I find that I see a lot of letter work surging through instagram. Not to mention the "hashtag" advertisement is free so word it in the direction of your audience. So many artists tagging their work with the right hashtag to promote business. So many sites are over saturated with gabullee goop that any joe shmoe can dream up on Paint. I come from a family that has done internet business for the past 10+ years and its frustrating the people that want something for nothing. I had this dude in town want 55% on a sale if he sold my letter work, then another artist studio claimed 50% on a sale, and I about puked...not to mention wanting to kidney shot them for being so greedy when they claim to "support" the arts. Not trying to turn the Art section into a business section but I feel that some use special words to sell themselves just to sound fancy. Recently stumbled across Giclee (shgee-klay) printing. Its a fancy word that once meant something serious but now because of the lack of proper control it can mean anything spat out from your printer at home. SO the stupid see it as special and so on...
  3. Thanks man. Its a good feeling. To be honest though I tend to find that most people dont understand the cost behind it. Ive slaved for a few, or mis quoted, and been like ughh Im getting shafted. Recent work Ive tried to maintain the creative focus as best I can while still pleasing the customer. It gives me a little bit of sanity along with leaving me with some actual Want to do the work. I thought more of the chalk from the start but it seems that the real business is outside of that world. Forget where I read it but one artist basically eluded to chalk work as childs play in the big world of Type jobs. Needless to say Ive been exploring other avenues or expanding my options on what mediums to use. Your work though is like ten levels higher than any of my stuff. You put out some seriously awesome stuff. You dont try and make a buck for yourself? I would even think the Pokemon one would get that area of the anime market jonesing for a print.
  4. The bible has always held the same theme and teaching and I as much as people want to say the Bible is grim it really isnt. So many accuse it of being hypocritical or misogynistic yet thats because they fail to do the proper research. "Christian" beliefs on the other hand have been twisted and pagan additions have been added even though they hold no scripture ground. You mentioned the Rapture which is not a biblical teaching. If you look back into a lot of things you can find that they dont have a scriptural basis and were instituted as "true" beliefs way after the 1st century christian congregation. Emperor Constantine was a huge proponent in what is todays "christianity." Satan has always and will always be an enemy of God, but the bible does say there is an end to him. The bible mentions Satan transforms himself into an Angel of Light i.e. making himself to not come across bad. So if an enemy of God really wanted all to be like him then couldnt you reason thats why we have so many confusing directions in religion today? If there is an end to come then wouldnt Satan just want us all confused long enough, maybe even hating god, so that when the End does come were not in the right state with God?
  5. Ha those tele/mega church frauds trying to justify their way of life and their ministry. The bible foretold that after the death of the apostles there would be false prophets that would enter into the congregation. It called them ravenous wolves acting as sheep and Im sure you can see that a large percentage of church leaders act in such a manner. The first post quotes an important scripture that states "wages sin pays is death." So if death is payment for sins then all who die and have died could no longer be accountable for their sins. So it would seem that it would be wrong for God to punish them in "hell." James 1:13 clearly says that God cannot be tried for evil things. SO would hell really be a real place? Ecc 9:5 clearly says that the dead know nothing, so how would they be tormented? The whole idea of hell seems created by man. If hell was to exist then God would have to have an arrangement with his sworn enemy. That would be like a dad that has a son that gets involved with drugs because of a dealer. When the father finds out he gets angry because of his son doing wrong, calls up the dealer, and demands this dealer punish his son....
  6. Last November I think it was I spent some time in my cold studio keeping warm in front of my foundry furnace as I forged and bent these metal brands. I made the "S" and "G" way before I dove into it serious and twisted out the whole 26 plus a "The" and apostrophe "S." I first had the idea to have letter inclusions to metal work. Keeping them simple yet giving a bit of elegant curve but yet keeping confined to a space. They all were 4 x 6 in. After a while I thought hmmm wonder what it would look like burnt into wood as a brand. Either way Im glad to have all 26 no matter what my direction.
  7. First 3 was a job for a wedding. There were 5 total, or was it 6, anyways I wish I could of gotten really good photos with them at the wedding. Draft for a commissioned quote for the Indigo Lantern Oath. Lol I never knew the Green Lantern was one of many till I got this request. Ive never been big on comics but it sparked my curiosity when I looked it all up lol. A commissioned business logo I did recently. Even though these all have been paid things I still see it as my "art." Hoping this one opens a couple of doors to get some more serious jobs rolling through.
  8. Some stupid quotes I put on panels to sell at Etsy or a festival...
  9. Man I havent been in hear for some time. Ive been busy with life but have still had the time to doodle hear and there. I put up a lil 4 x 4 chalk board in my room to just throw some stupid quotes up from time to time. Ill just doodle a quote that I'll hear or like I dunno it makes for easy instagram posts. There is way too many to post but Ill post up a few of my favorites from the bunch.
  10. I think whats really important no matter what your direction is that you live within your means. That can make it easier when living on little. I also think people dont realize that living happily doesnt mean living heavily with goods, toys, etc. BUT I can honestly say that living for passion vs pesos is a tough one. Maybe its an ignorant/ill-informed view but I have always thought "art school" was a pointless pursuit. I did it as a major for 2 years, albeit my focus was not 100% because of wanting to be a late night graffiti person, but in the end I saw that it would do nothing for me. Like many "starving artists" I worked/work in the restaurant industry. FOH. 5 years past with me doing nothing artistically. I mean not nothing entirely but a few dismal doodles. Ceramics is a hard and expensive avenue to live off of. I think though that when you live for the passion the pesos might need to be earned through something passionless. My mother who has had a successful web based business through her creativity has always had the outlook that in the end you gotta prostitute yourself lol. If its something that you dont want to do, it sucks, it makes you sick, and it lacks your creative touch BUT it sells THEN you must do it to support yourself. Ive been able to bring in some income with my hand lettering but I hate that its doing cliche quotes. When I did silk screen for Tshirts I used to swear I would never do trendy quotes or stuff youd find at Spencers Gifts. I can say I havent done a tshirt in a long while but Ive sure sketched those quotes on a board... Keep the heavily decadently artistic drenched work for those who will appreciate it or for your own personal admiration. As for the public, the now very dull and dumb public we have in our world today, give them what they want and make them pay your bills to get it.
  11. Hahaha Agreed on the Cube. The lack of Symmetry with the one odd window in the back makes me angry. The Gerbil Kias frustrate me as well. I have strong urges to punch the TV or Computer when the ads would come on...
  12. Jeeps. Sure they're cool and have a long time established look about them but they get away with not having to do anything to their design and yet have 50 different types. Its the same vehicle just slightly bigger, slightly smaller, slightly longer, slightly shorter, slightly more lifted, slightly more modest, and its got the same box shape and grill. Not too mention so many of them go after that "rugged" styling that their structure is nothing short of sheet metal doors. A lot of money for an engine with a box around it. Things American. Everything has to be big, loud, and in your face. These Ads
  13. Word up glad to see some long time posters of this thread are coming back on board. Ive had a lot on my plate (pun intended) these days but Im still doing my fair share of looking for new avenues to cook. Yet, on the subject of preparing ahead Ive been doing just that. Crock pot cooking for the poor man! I grew up on beans from the crock so I have no problem with eating it day in and day out. Switching up the beans a bit. Black beans with pumpkin puree to add thickness, Navy and sausage, and Red with red curry paste and coconut milk. Just easy mixes that cook in about 8 hours on high. 2 lbs of dry beans each go so I got about 3 meals hot and even some for the family if they choose to partake. Then a new addiction I employ is mason jar freezing.... Those straight edged pint jars work great holding 2 cups a piece before freezing. End up getting 1 to 2 meals out of each depending on how hungry I am. Reusable, easy to clean, stack easy, and for some awesome reason I always end up with the exact amount left in the crock to fill an equal amount of jars. Looking to use the double tall ones to freeze and layer whole meals. Figured navy/sausage beans on the bottom, freeze, then red peppers/corn etc, freeze, and then top with rice. Moisture should go down during thaw and keep the beans nice while the rice keeps from getting soggy. I grocery shop here and there then not spend a dime for a week or two while I deplete my inventory so its not like these meals sit for months. Crock pots got me making caramelized onions! I always want them but never leave time to make them. And you cant technically can onions sooo that sucks. 2 onions, 9 hours low temp in the crock, the occasional stir without having to sit in front of it, and tah dah... I feel like Betty Crocker. I still feel the crock pot is under utilized by the average house hold. The first pic you can see the silicon freeze molds. I froze them into cubes and popped them out into the larger jar for convenient use. I was making some curry pork stew one night and wanted to do something different to the rice. I was thinking of Mulligatawny soup where sometimes they add apples with the curry. I love some rice with fruit or sweet additions so why wouldnt green apples and rice work? Then I stumbled across Pulihora that Indians make. "Sour Rice" as they call it but that sounds distasteful and my makeshift version was far from that. Main ingredients were Chili, green chilies (I used anaheim), mustard seed, whole cumin, ginger, curry leaves (I used basil), nuts of your choice, tumeric, and "sour" tangy fruit like apples, mango, tamarind. It was like a spicy, tangy, smokey, savory I dunno awesome rice. Went a little off the wall with the plating of this one. The pulihora rice with pork curry stew, avocado, and yogurt... So with a long time desire to prep compound butters for flavor seasonings at the ready when cooking I picked up those silicon molds to make flavor cubes. I dont know the whole science behind some things but we all know that flavors infuse with some time cooking so why not when melded and frozen. I do know that there is a molecular degradation in fruits when frozen and they will tend to provide more juice and colors if frozen first before pressed or juiced (from my wine making days). Of course freezer burn is an issue but thats just a burn a surface drying on the top layer of the thing frozen. It has been proven in some instances to not alter taste and in effect Im re-liquifying the cube in the end so the drying would disappear. I can only see the ill effect only being a problem with meats and other obvious items. Oh well it seems Im in a talkative mood today...must be the coffee... So yeah I did a base prep of the pulihora and instead of using apples I used a stronger tang item that would lend its strength in smaller quantities.... Fresh tamarind... turned out not too bad but needs some tweaking... 1 cube lent comfortable flavor to 1 cup of cooked rice... Add the nuts separately... Alright Im done!
  14. Ignorant people that believe every viral news/food comparison/special feel good story/special racial hate story/everything on Social Media. People trying to get internet fame by "exposing" "truths." Like that dude that bashed Kraft cheese because when he took a flame to it and it wouldnt burn. Like ummm of course they arent going to make a flammable/highly combustible food product. I mean do some research. Ever heard of a Flash Point? BAH!!! Prices of chicken and beef. Why Meteorologists get paid good money to be wrong 95% of the time. Why fast food is far from fast these days and why is it so expensive for the quality... Reality television Television "News" Why someone who gets caught as a criminal is considered Thug yet someone who avoids capture by being smart isnt. I mean that never really made sense to me. Boasting about Jail time...I mean you sucked at what you did so much that even the dumbest of cops could find you out. No medal for you, no ribbon, no you dont even get a "thank you for participating" paper. Shame is what you get. People who are content with doing nothing in life. Not saying you have to go big, but back away from the computer and make something. The new bells and whistles on cars these days. People are lazy enough because of technology we dont need them to be lazy and driving 75mph. I mean the warning lights for if somebody is next to you is good right? But in the commercials the guy doesnt even check his mirrors! BAH! Egos. How there is more information at peoples fingers tips these days then there ever has been and yet society has never been more dumb. ...I gotta stop
  15. Nice. I cant tell you how many times in my life Ive got started cooking ahead or packing ahead of time. It lasts a few weeks then I fizzle out. I dont know why it gets tough for me to keep the routine.
  16. Plug? My family has had this extra space for a while so we decided to put it to good use. Actually got all the wood for free and the coop is 24 gauge galv steel that I got free as well. They were hoods to old ac units atop a big factory near me. Its not all finished. We had some crappy wet/snow weather thats delayed the finish product. Mainly because Im putting cement down the trenches before I push the soil back and its been freezing here.
  17. Red wine and cherry lamb shank cooked in the crock pot with pearl onions. Asparagus. Dijon mash.
  18. I understand. I think that sweet potatoes get stuck with always having to be sweet or sweetened with cinnamon etc. They fall very well into the savory category but get neglected there. Theyre good with added orange zest. Eggs over top of everything! Cant wait till I get my ducks for some of their eggs..
  19. sweet potato hash with Gorgonzola and eggs cooked in...
  20. Yeah thats what Ive heard. I bought the carrots to use in one of the jars and figured theyd end up being wasted because Id never touch them in the fridge so why not pickle them. Yeah I want to try chili ginger carrots next. Maybe load them up with some garlic and onions then finish with a dash a sugar.
  21. Being it only takes a few days Ive been keeping pickles as a staple in my fridge. Lacto Fermenting just like the kimchi process gives you some darn tasty dill pickles. Figured Id try some carrots this go around. A big jar of garlic is next just so I can have some nice peeled cloves at my disposal in their own preservation juice. Ever since I watched that movie "Chef" recently Ive been craving cubans. On a side note I thought the movie was horrible and just a huge advertisement for social media.... Took advantage of some left over banquet pork and had me some makeshift cubans.
  22. I do most if not all my car work that I can. Having a Lift in the fam helps. Had transmission issues on my Elantra when my gears were not working right (manual). Called around and got quoted 400 bucks for a rebuild and a used replacement. Dismantled the manual trans after replacing clutch to find that I had broke a small pin on my linkage that helped change gears. It was a .57 cent pin. Called around. No trans shops carried it and only 3 dealerships in the US had it in stock. Trans shop said I could just use a coat hanger wire..... If I didnt do the work myself I would of wasted 400 bucks for some shmuck to put a coat hanger in my transmission.... Its not a job but I tend to check out some used cars for sale. My 02 Elantra is a great car so I usually scout out any local deals to see if theyre worth it. Some shmuck an hour from me had a black one that looked good in the photos.... SHowed up and played the game but this dude was trying to hustle the piece of crap to me as we test drove it. I countered all his remarks but at the end of the day I wanted to just look at him and say "I just pulled up in the same car that youre trying to sell! Do you really think Im an idiot?" I had a more substantial experience but I cant remember after my rant....
  23. Citrus Pork and Sweet Potato stew. Topped off with some greek yogurt, green onions, cilantro, and red pepper flake.
  24. A staple of mine just plated differently. Avo/basil puree. I should have flipped it. Navy bean and sausage. White rice and arugula. Roasted red pepper and corn. Cliantro. Chili Oil. Confit Tomatoes (not sundried but in olive oil). Lemon pepper pappardelle pasta. Black garlic and balsamic sauce. Sausage / Mushroom/ Rosemary Sweet Vermouth sauce over pasta with crumbled Gorgonzola.
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