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  1. Was feeling a salad. spinach blend w/Honey balsamic dress. chicken. red onions. dried figs. blue cheese. Balsamic marinated strawberries.
  2. Like the bottle says its very complex. I mean I found it hard to enjoy because the flavors were everywhere. Could be because its young and does need a bit of age to balance out. If already have some why not give it a year and let us see how it goes.
  3. opps. well still same thing the dude had a journal of compulsive jibberish. and yes burnt zombies was pretty dope.
  4. Its about time an episode actually airs that isnt a slow filler. I understand they were trying to explain some things or show some character build but i just felt it was a delay BS load of episodes. Good episode with a little thriller. I knew they werent going to kill off the gov but still way to think quick andrea.....I mean she hasnt been thinking for like what a season and a half so she might as well now. I will say though when she saw the whole torture set up and stated "this is sick" I paused....really?? This, torture, is sick? Wasnt him keeping heads in aquariums sick? oh wait wasnt him keeping his zombie daughter sick? combing her hair isnt that sick? writing names obsessively sick? egotistical and controlling sick? wanting excessive bloodshed sick? nope....guess its just torture. What
  5. Getting tired of cooking with crappy hot plates because of my kitchen remodel. Makes getting good heat hard. So I had a duck breast left over and wanted to do pasta but then that shifted me towards wontons. My idea changed a million times and I had a crash worth of a dish but still tasted great. Crispy Sweet potato wontons pan fried in some good ol bacon fat. pulled duck breast with a sherry cream sauce (kinda tossed it together) over top of wilted purple kale and a Sage Muscadine sauce. I think everything tasted great together. The duck was a lil done and poorly pulled. The sauce could of been a bit thicker.
  6. Liked it. Way too sweet. I had higher hopes but was overwhelmed by that sweetness. Liked it Vast in character is right. I think a lil too much was going on with this beer. Didnt hate it but it sure was weird. Very smooth. I was shocked because I was expecting a slap in the face with hops yet it was balanced well. I loved this one. Founders has really impressed me as of late.
  7. Sirloin looks awesome! and I know what Im having for lunch tomorrow. My work started having pickled onions around. Didnt think about slapping them on a burger with some goat cheese!
  8. I dont do fast food much. Yet if on the occasion Im feeling some breakfast I love me some McDonalds Egg and Cheese Biscuit. If I cant do breakfast I do enjoy Wendys jr Cheese Burger Deluxes. Cheap and they at least use "fresh" lettuce, tomato, and red onion. All McDonalds does on their cheap stuff is use that questionable onion relish stuff.
  9. I was diggn into some mac n cheese and tuna fish the other night and glanced up to see a bag of crunchy cheetos.....tossed a few and started digging back in. Not bad. Just added texture.
  10. Id be down. Iv shift away from beer and wine lately. Been slowly buying up bourbon here and there and TRYING to not drink a ton of it. I have been seeing the "unaged" bourbons/whiskeys lately and figured Id give one a go. Buffalo Trace makes a decent cheaper bourbon so I saw their "White Dog" 62.5% Un Aged Rye Mash and picked it up. Definitely different. Faint spice, odd sweetness. It almost made me think of Sake as bad as that sounds. You know how sake can have that sweet bland/clean body? I dunno I dont know much about Sake. PM me about it and we can work out a swap.
  11. Ha. i eat crap all week long leading me to a day off where I try to cook something "different." A weeks worth of egg sandwiches really will make you want something of a different variety when sunday comes. I need to start cooking ahead like I have 3 kids or something. Then i can just open the fridge and throw together a healthy salad or what not. Im not unhealthy but i like to avoid the junk food to ensure I can drink all the beer and wine I want lol. Maybe we could choose a theme for the next week protestor. I know Pasta will be my next special day off meal. Either Thursday or Sunday.
  12. Awesome. Thanks. I will say one of the plating issues I noticed was right as I was laying the duck down. I thought to myself why the hell would the slices lay towards me rather expose themselves away from me. Then hours after I thought why not cross the spears of asparagus or maybe move the peach down a bit to take care of empty space. Always wanting to keep the pallet different and yet always full of protein, booze, fruit, and butter lol. Like I said Im a FOH person yet I love to ensure possibly good eats of my own when I can, usually days off. The Ontz keeps me productive,
  13. cheap red wine. before that cheap whisky and cheap sprite. Next i will be drinking expensive beer. Thats how I roll.
  14. Finally got me some duck breast. I didnt really know what direction I wanted to take so i just ran with it. Trying to plate better. Im a front of the house person but personally I have always loved how things get plated. Grilled Peach with blue cheese pit. Seared duck breast over top of asparagus with Bourbon Honey Peach Sauce. Shredded Sweet potato hash patties over top of hollandaise with spicy candied pecans and blue cheese.
  15. I will say out of all those beers posted I caught eye with that Old Rasp. Definitely a old favorite of mine. I remember the first time I had it on draft, delicious. Yet, I have fallen off the beer adventure slightly and had no idea about the series they have been putting out and I must say oak barrel OR must be AMAZING. I need to pick me up one, make it two.
  16. When Red posts sushi it literally makes me forget about all other food. I want to just become a sushi-terian lol and eat ONLY sushi. Its absolutely amazing. I also wish that all plates could come so wonderfully complex in color. If it were to really happen you might as well think of me as this guy from Hook
  17. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA Very true armand hammer. LAPD is going to careless about civilians because the blame can be put on this dude. I cant support someone on a killing spree but i will say it is better this way. This is a man dealing with a whole bunch of corruption. I hear those that cry and say he could of done it a different way...how? what like hold a press conference? start a riot? picket? pfft then eventually the corruption would get sick of him and take him out. What good does that do? No one gets exposed, the vigilante dies, and corruption wins. So really the bloody choice is the better choice. Corruption has been exposed. Better to clean part of the house than have the whole house dirty right? And yes in the end he will die, but he also will have accomplished something.
  18. So to start...it was a plating disaster! yet Im learning. Actually bough 3 different shaped plates to help broaden my presentation ability. Drumsticks marinated in coconut milk with curry powder, garlic, cilantro, and lime. Separately prepared a curry with green curry paste (sad I know but I cant find anywhere that has a curry selection), tumeric, cumin, chili powder, clove, onion, garlic, coconut milk, potatoes, and green apples. Chili oil from chili powder (scooped too deep and kinda ruined its look). The remaining coconut milk I had I sweetened and reduced it to drizzle over top. Besides it looking horrible on the plate the flavors were really great.
  19. Had some left over brie...Bacon wrapped sea scallops with melted brie and raspberry preserves. delicious.
  20. Yes! I use Goyas Jamican Ginger Beer. No sugar or lime though. Think its the best compliment to whiskey and bourbons. I saw the pick and in my head I was like damn I miss the coast back home...scroll down lol. Ive been sleeping on this thread. Ive tasted a few new to my list. been meaning to post. Weyerbachers Quad wasnt bad, yet it wasnt up to par with my favorit....St B Apt12. I made up some bluevcheese spread and crackers to do a food pair. tasty. Oscar Blues always brings the never disappoint. Yet Ive been favoring dark beers as of late. Founders Dirty bastard was definitely pleasing. I have never had a beer from them until this one and Ive always hear good reviews especially about the Breakfast Stout. Sierra Nevada hasnt ever been on my list but ever since the Narwhal I decided to give them some chances... Definetly crisp with a very quick finish that doesnt linger. It was good but not great. Yet like I said Ive really been digging the dark beers. They have that flavor that just sits in your mouth where the light beers just seem to come and go. I enjoyed it. Had a higher hop taste then I would think. Always heard good things about this beer and I will say it is a tasty one. Terripin always delivers.
  21. Redeye dropping some knowledge. Love it. Just finished some dinner and I was pleased at the turn out except for screwing up some rice....yes yes I know its only rice but Im still without a stove so Im stuck with a skillet boiler and a toaster oven. Still trying to make it happen though. Found that my local grocery does sell duck yet Ive always looked past it. yet I must say its a whole duck, frozen. Sure Ill tackle that soon enough. Wanted to cycle to another protein and being that ive been eating more than my fair share of bacon lately I chose Salmon. Bacon Wrapped Salmon basically smothered in a Brie creamed spinach and topped with a raspberry red wine sauce. Lil broccoli on the side. Missing the rice....
  22. Ive never smoked anything either. Ive been reading up a bit on smoking cheeses, but thats a lil different when it comes to meat. My dad always smoked a bunch when i was younger, but it was mainly fish and chicken. Reminds me of some douche my family knows. Bragged about his smoked pork loin. Went to one of his gatherings. He kept bragging about how its been smoking for hours on end. I glance over and sure enough he had a smoker going, yet he pops it open and what do ya know the idiot has the pork loin in a reynolds cook bag....shmuck.
  23. awesome page so far. I cant spread rep but I think that 3 pic post of macaroons has to be the best shots Ive seen in this thread. Next to that one post with the up close sauces....which i think was public enemy also.
  24. THAT DUCK! Ive been craving some duck as of late. Cant find it in the small town im stuck in at the moment.....I almost bought some cornish hen the other day. its like your own personal chicken lol. This page is looking great! Dinner. It was good but nothing crazy special ingredient wise. Grilled pork tenderloin. Mango/cranberry salsa, lemon butter. mashed yellow pototoes. baked asparagus with a lil parm cheese.
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