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  1. I wish this thread would have a better flow of updates. Anyways, shifted gears this week to the clay world so heres some ceramic artists. Its funny out of a lot of artists its the Ceramists that are hard to find blogs, portfolio sites, etc for. Mainly becauses theyre usually crazy old guys that dont give a crap about computers n what not. This guy had me buying some under glazes and an airbrush setup recently. Not to copy his style but reminded me of an old approach I never attempted. So yeah. Jim Kemp Now I think that many in the art world are pushing new styles to create and explore new ideas. Yet, the clay world which is so stuck because its guided and ruled by science and chemistry there are those that really take huge leaps and create the amazing. Plus the fact that there an enormous amount of variables involved in certain outcomes you just never really know. I love that personally. Opening a kiln is like unwrapping a present and seeing a shiny toy or finding nothing but underwear. Anyways Helen Gilmour everybody! She knits traditional forms and uses balloons to keep their shape then dips them over and over in a clay slip (liquid clay). Upon firing they cotton burns off and what is left is a clay knitted form. You know I love this guy so much. Well he creates beautiful work and has his own technique using Shlac. He Shlacs a piece by doing his calligraphy/text/graff whatever then wipes away the non shlaced clay and repeats giving his work a level and clean amount of depth. Also too HE LOVES GOOD BEER! He sells his porcelain mugs on Etsy and uses a image that if I can find it states "good beer needs a good glass" or something like that. Well I wasnt expecting my wine to catch up so sooon. So Ill wait to post again. Keep this thread going.
  2. IM bad with eggs. I love them but yet find myself screwing them up. I mainly blame it on my pan and spatula because if they were better then I could do what I need to do better. I love poached eggs but hate to prepare them because most the time I get cloud water and a egg white lined yoke as the end result.
  3. Very nice. Whats the stone?
  4. Still playing with the prototypes. Like this unknown wood a lot better than the cedar. It matches better. Had a lil piece left from the last turn so I attempted to get a lid out of it. Looked ok but thought a lil knob would bring it all together. Gave a it a lil pot belly lean.
  5. Thanks guys. Really feel like Im gaining some direction for once in what Im doing. The Ant mound one was just me melting down a crucible of aluminum and pouring it, then digging it back up. I will say as cool as it was to do I will definitely stick to the ants that make mounds around my families property. I saw a straight hole, no mound, one day and got super excited to pour down it. I only came to find out, its a different ant, and they burrow deeper and larger. Something happened where during the pour it gurgled and POPPED! Its all fun and games till you have molten metal splashing about....Depending on the ant the metal can flow a foot deep to who knows so really as cool as it might be it might end up being a pain in the ass to dig up. I mean really go for it and give it a try. Aluminum is easy to melt (charcoal can) and find something to pour it down. I will say one key thing is to make sure the head of the pour is big. Aluminum is a lighter metal so make sure as you pour it is A: Constant and B: There is a larger pool of molten metal on top of the pours opening. I usually just curl up a piece of tin or something
  6. If i could prop I would that line up looks ridiculously awesome! Cant say Ive ever heard or seen those ferns before. I saw the Malbec description and was like hmmmm but either way if theyre a wine grape that would of been sweet and tasty.
  7. There is one after that one which I havent posted because Im still debating on what to do with it. So yet another bead looking cast. This one actually came out complete unlike the rest. Figured out my problem has been proper gas ventilation. I almost like the random degradation that the others have more but oh well. Ground down the surface of this one some bit but same treatment over all. Lathed a cedar bottom and top and called it quits last night. This one was actually given away today for a donation to an auction tomorrow evening. A bar regular at my restaurant helps organize this Dyslexia benefit every year. Going to be a lot of people and everyone is there to spend money so who knows....
  8. Samuels Smiths organic Chocolate stout is like desert! I could buy this beer and a dark choc candy bar and call it quits. The chocolate flavor of this beer is ridiculous
  9. So Ive beeen holding back a long time to taste Ommegans Three Philosophers. Their old label has this beer with a labeled additive of cherries. Their new label lacks this note. I dislike such notes of after beer added flavors. So Ive finally tried three philosophers and it was quite nice. Ive had St peters Cream Stout which wasnt as nice as the porter....
  10. I have never encouraged nor had I wanted to send pics via the cell. I mean I guess Ive had a chick send pics once and maybe did one pic from me, yet the idea has always made me concerned with where it might show up. I could care less where and its not like I plan to be a politician but its the principle of it all. I dont need shots of me or girls that are mine floating around the world....aka the net.
  11. So I was in Whole Foods and I saw this one dude, who I know who works there, off the clock and grabbing a grip of this beer. I laughed and was like "good huh?" He claimed it as his favorite and I must say after tasting it was pretty fantastic of a Porter. He also recommended this which was too bad.
  12. I will say I agree. The smoked aspect paired with the chipotle didnt mix well. The vanilla bean worked a lot better. Ive had chipotle ale but the only other chipotle porter Ive had is Mikellers and that wasnt smoked and it was fantastic. It was ok. I mean Im happy I have it as an option being that the incredibly small town Im in probably no one drinks outside of bud, but the grocery store recently just revamped their beer selection and brought in some good stuff. The beers description prides itself on having strong character without the "sweetness" of the imperials higher alcohol. Personally I dont mind the slight sweetness as long as its a tame sweetness. Still not bad. The food pairing makes me think of the first smoke beer I tried. I thought I was drinking the scrapings of a Grill. But when drank with a steak and mashed potatoes it was pretty good. Bacon and cheddar pairing is making me want that now! The Solstice was very nice. I always have seen those beers and their interesting labels so I finally decided to pick one up. Ive been trying Weyerbachers as of late. That one I posted was nothing special. I hate when beers have all this ingredients and make you think theyre going to be different then they fail. As for Hitachino...that beer was very good. Again they have been one company if not region of beer Ive been wanting to try for a long while. Beer shops always separate them an put them far down the line and the amount of US microbrews is overwhelming so I usually reach my limit before I find them on the shelf.
  13. So my practice in Lost Foam keeps yielding happy mistakes that Im just turning some wood bases for. I even cast one tonight that ALMOST was a complete vessel, I think Im just about there and know what I need to do. So anyways.....
  14. Haha opps. Just about all my tools come from there too, its addicting. So Ive been trying to figure out how to go about using my other happy metal mistake being that this one is almost a complete form. Funny enough I thought of those hard boiled egg holders and ran with it. I was very please with the wood. The edge of our property ends in forest/kudzu and my neighbor doesnt mind me scavenging for things on his side. I chopped a part of this down tree months ago yet it was still wet. I lathed one piece into a cylinder and its been sitting for a couple months. Even though it cracked during drying I thought what the hell and tossed it on the lathe because I needed a larger piece and didnt have anything else. Shocked how pretty the wood got the deeper i went. Needless to say Im going back into the bush and yanking out the rest of this tree. Thought a black line would help bring the eye down a bit, I liked it so I I just spun the crap out of it on my banding wheel.
  15. Well of course its a challenge to make any beer. I was ranting over the main fact that some companies dont even seem to try to balance or make it worth it. Its just one big bitter jug of hops. I like the bite and the citrus as much as anyone else but when you advertise this "twist" or whatever about your beer and it in no way seems like anything special then yeah its not hard to make something basic or just hop the shit out of something. Anyways...Lurker I reside in GA. So Ive been meaning to post some past beers. Excuse any repeats...sometimes I forget. Only other chili pepper ber Ive had was Mikellers Chipotle Porter which was way better than stones and Rogues chili ale which was ok.
  16. Very nice stuff. I never thought of using testors stuff to paint with. I used to have one of their cheap airbrush set ups years ago but actually never used it. Didnt know you were in the UK PublicEnemy, not that it really matters, but you might think about ordering something cheap from the US. Harbor Freight is like a discount tool store that basically sells off brand clones of stuff. There is some garbage that they sell but alot is very good and extremely cheap. They have a multitude of products, I usually dont buy until I read the reviews on everything. Which brings me to this.... http://www.harborfreight.com/professional-6-color-airbrush-kit-with-holder-95923.html Ive been looking to maybe picking this up just to have the option to airbrush. Six brushes with the whole set up, just needs the compressor. It has great feed back which usually means well worth the buy. Cant hate on the price considering what you usually pay in the hobby/art airbrush world.
  17. local lurker Id be curious of that Brown Shooga from 09. I love that beer young. Wonder if it ages well.
  18. Mushroom stuffed bacon wrapped Cornish Hen topped with raspberry balsamic sauce. Pearl Cous Cous, Red Quinoa, Orzo, halfed Baby Garbanzo medley (Trader Joes Harvest Blend that I cant get enough of) and wilted spinach. Lemon Zest. I love those things. Its like I have my own personal mini chicken.
  19. ShortFuse


    Anybody ever messed with Kudzu pills. They havent fully figured out exactly what in Kudzu helps but in a lot of studies it does. It counteracts alcohol or affects the metabolism or increases blood circulation....I dunno. You can buy the pills or if you live in the southeast the damn plant is everywhere. Personally Ive sauteed the young leaves and they have the texture of kale. Ive just always wanted to see if it has an effect. I drink regularly and to the point of increased intoxication. Yet I only drink at night after work, never any other time, I cant. I know it doesnt matter when or where you drink, but the amount and regularity of it.
  20. Weak finale. So many stupid decisions. Glad Andrea is gone. Was getting very tired of her swinging back and forth then getting all righteous. So youre tied to a chair and there might be an impending attack from a zombie so you take off your shoes.....the only thing that is protecting your last resort of protection. Havent they kicked in plenty of skulls the past seasons? Weak. Plus she was ready for an attack by the time she got rushed so why didnt she prevail? How many people has she downed by stabbing their skulls with a small knife but now she fails because there pliers? Weak. Plus Im sure those pliers looked like this... So how in the hell did she clip the chain from these... The ending pissed me off the most though. When you think about it the Govnah killed all his supporters. There is no one left in the town to really protect it. Its the govnah and his two dudes that are really realizing hes crazy. The ease of just taking him out has a percentage thats through the roof! Not to mention Rick and everyone are already in his torture area and the govnah doesnt know. So Rick whats youre best idea? Ummm lets take people out of a town that has comfortable beds, is clean, walls to protect it, food, water, a level of peace because its a TOWN not a PRISON, and a stock hold of munitions. Then throw these people on a bus and bring them to a "secure" prison with no comfort at all, its dark and gloomy, there are constantly walkers outside, and it hasnt been fully cleaned out of walkers in the walkways below. They could of easily taken over the town and been rid of the govnah in a jiffy. The thought process for the decision made makes no sense. As for Carl...way to go! That kid wasnt putting his gun down fast enough for my tastes and I would have shot the dude to.
  21. You said it exactly. Its one huge competition with who ever can add the most hops. I started my beer adventure with IPAs and Wheat beers primarily. I think it was a good way to wrap your head around something different from the crap domestic. I got sick after a few years because it was like...ok lets try this....:sip: so i can taste bitter....a lot of citrus....wait I thought they added spice n what not....hmmm thought this beer was special with a twist? guess not....moving on. I have said time and time again in this thread that Ive gravitated towards beer with more malt character. Personally I dont think its a challenge to make an IPA. Seems like you have a lot of room for error. What to me would be the challenge is a well made darker beer, and I dont mean ridiculously dark (yet that still sounds tasty), but with an added hop characteristic that is complimentary. Now dont flame me right away but two easy beers I can think of off the top of my head are Terripins Hop karma and Highland Oatmeal porter. Still angry that terripin dropped the hop karma to a 4 pack and left it the same price...yet on the flip side Highlands porter isnt a a huge heavy beer and yet the hop character is still in there. Maybe my pallet is still not advanced but I feel a standard IPA has a limited spectrum of flavor. Citrus, floral, and bitter. Sweetness varies on the gravity. Yet darker malty beers can bring in a multitude to the pallet and like IPAs can be complimented by additions and methods of aging. Saw the Scotch ale comment. I do like scotch ales. You know what irks me the most. I get this comment a lot by those that know me. I catch crap for the beer I drink because I will drink Miller Highlife if all Im up to is something quick and cheap, but i will also drop 25 bucks for one great beer. Why cant one just enjoy the wide spectrum? That would be like getting upset with a Chef from a 3 Star Michelin restaurant for eating grilled cheese and Cambells tomato soup.
  22. So I bought this huge bag of styrofoam beans for another project right? well Im still stuck with a HUGE bag of stryo beans... So I figured Id experiment. Ive been wanted to cast a metal vessel lately. So I took one of my cast clay vessels and hot glued (tedious) stryo beans all around it. Filled it with sand after the mud coat and proceeded to cast some aluminum into it. Certain aspects were too thin on the wall of the vessel so it was a failure. Yet I wanted to make the best of it. lathed out a base and made a tea light out of it.
  23. just took a shot of cheap whiskey and sipping a cheap beer after my commute home.
  24. haha two awesome photos. Meryls good twin. I will say though his character had a depth of torment to it. A battle of good and bad. Usually those characters in Hollywood typically die. Thats a good set pic it seems of the 3. Probably sweating like crazy from being stuck in the crappy GA heat.
  25. So how about Glenn. Getting all lovey dovey and gun ho to marry Ms cowgirl. Says "look I dont want a wedding." You dont say! Yes because people would be lining up and checking you registry! Dead Bath and Beyond is having a sale this time of year. Meryl didnt go out so bad. He had the right aim. I liked what michone said about bad mean not feeling weight. Still I will say this show has lost its intensity. It started and season one was like breaking bad (yes i referenced that) always keeping you enticed. I hate shows that end up giving you fillers between plot twists.
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