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  1. haha, well atleast today the skies starting to clear up, yesterday was fucking terrible.
  2. hahah the funniest part about the whole article is the last line. ''Police say they do not know what happened to the snake.''
  3. what the fuck. you are by far the wakest cunt out. but, you have made it to my sig!!!!!!!!! congratu fucking lations.
  4. its funny how most of the cunts telling you whats ''right'' are toys. fuck, its all been said. cod125 are you like 10 years old?
  5. no, dont even go there. common sense, do yourself and the grafheads in melburn a favour and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS IS IT!!!!!!
  6. to fucking start SIMPLE, REVER. thats what it should look like, the letters on your KEYBOARD
  7. theres roughly 330 cans there! FUCK
  8. CUNT, FAGGOT best swear words out!
  9. ye word, abra i'd say you should leave this thread open, i mean you dont know EVERYTHING thats going on in melbourne anymore do you? and i suppose you would have atleast some interest atleast to keep this thread open, shit talkers should get banned, we could have solved the turbancapslok problem with just banning him, he started the shit on the last thread. fuck, its not hard. everyone in here is right, its not like we can fucking go round the whole of melburn on every line just to check out new shit, we have lives to live. instead we can just log onto a website to check out whats new. its as simple as that. i know this isnt gona change your opinion but there are some people who contribute here, who dont shit talk who dont give our threads a bad name, the faggot shit talkers can get fucked. if so many cunts didnt want to see what was up in melb, we wouldnt create multiple threads EVEN THOUGH THEY GET CLOSED.
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