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  1. verry verry beautiful characters but this site is for GRAFFITI. so, prefferably to adhere to whats common sense, please thro out the sketches, and art school drawings. (dont get me wrong, they're great...) BUT this is GRAFFITI CHARACTERS.
  2. what isss this dudes name ( he put "smoke for the head"...??? the one with the Runaway Car??? he's maddd famous, and has been featured in NY mags and books.... PM me.....
  3. MORE MORE MORE! ( i dont have a digi. so dont ask.)
  4. what i loooove about hodk is that alllll thheir shit, is bombin ammunition! theres gates and walls and carrs and people in they flicks, so u know that they bomb in REAL spots not backwalls... PROPS TO HOOOOOODK.
  5. MBER.... souf flarida homie....! soufsoufsoufflaaarida.
  6. WHUUUT... can in the back-WERDZ & ATOMIC in silverrrrrrr?
  7. anyone got something from words other than hands?
  8. grafff:D :D :D :D :D :D girls tatoo:D :D ::D :D dragon penis?:shakehead: :shakehead: :shakehead:
  9. i agree with this kids method, but most of the time u'll find that the cap isnt even clogged to begin with, just the tip might have tooo much paint dried on it- so u can just scratch it off.
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