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  1. dollar signs LOLOL. $$$$$$$$$$ heheh >_<
  2. could be the worst tags i've ever seen.
  3. wow, internet flicks, thats how you judge wether someone gets up more than another. One of my worst tags i have ever done several years ago, is better than any tag he has ever done. I might not be the best either, don't claim to be, but the fact remains that seap, is terrible at graffiti. Guess it's a matter of opinion. Feel free to ask my thoughts in person.
  4. nigel and seap are pretty horrible at graffiti.
  5. Every layup belongs to SLOT, stay away.
  6. GESA6108!!!!! To bad it's surrounded by toys, a rose amongst thorns.
  7. Are you saying NAS isn't a 'real' writer? Learn your history bitch.
  8. the fuck is that? pyramids and toyness.
  9. teto is toy, end of story.
  10. And your a nobody, that's a shame little fella.
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