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  1. Do you really think that the east has purely painted legals? Most of the Easts crew have been writing longer than many of the west's writers have been alive. Quality over quantity... for me, the east is much more well rounded, are getting paid for styles that have been progressing for well over 15 years. The East also had national fame, long before this forum went up, when this was a mag, not a site.
  2. why do you hate on letgo, when you probably have no beef with him personally. When it comes to his work, it is always clean, fresh, and most of all ORIGINAL! He had beef with one person, almost 2 years ago (gore doesn't count), and now it seems like everyone feels the need to cross him out, hate on him... the whole nine yards.
  3. other than a bit of nibbling Pose shit with some of the pieces, good lookin shit fellas....
  4. don't know if this was posted, didn't see it last page, so my bad if shit was posted, but this is real nice...
  5. Please don't say that you were talking about Ozer as in Oze KYT, that shit is a fucking eyesore. Dudes stuck in the 70's with that garbage. Gotta love MSK's color schemes though, always super fresh....
  6. Bump the fiesty Eals and INI for having shit that seems to last the longest all over the nooks and cranny's of seattle.
  7. Are you fucking serious. Katsu over Kato any day of the week, and Katsu has been rocking shit far before Kato, and shit ten times better to look at.
  8. it's one thing to give props to the homies, but it's when people say stupid shit about what they don't know. but I guess that's part of being young and arrogant. Bump most of the BigCocky's flicks by the way. good shit guy!
  9. those quotes are getting old as fuck, really old. Try some quotes that are actually intelligent rather than some BET bullshit. And I really don't think, Flicks, that you know anyone from the East's 3A, and I doubt you know much about them or they're history, and I'm not talking about shit you read in books or mags.
  10. bump the fuck out those percks a few pages back. filthy fresh handstyles
  11. bump south ends posts. He actually posts GOOD flicks...
  12. the only 3A stuff that people seem to flick are tags, and those got old about 50 pages back. I know someone has to have some new Huemr stuff. homie pretty much comes fresh each time.
  13. look you little bitch, you're taking flicks from locked accounts, and have flicks that are no where on the internet so your annoying posting of flicks other people have taken, which your too fuckin lazy to go get yourself has too many coincindences for us to think your a little kid. stop posting shit!
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