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  1. Rink, Striking Out Rookies!
  2. We form like Voltron. The young elite.
  3. If any one is interested, Mazon started a forum on facebook for Stockton aerosol art. Lots of dope old school shit from the late 80's till present time. Some amazing old school shit!
  4. Good to see the homie Biter back at it. The character is by Borg. Very nice, but not Modesto....
  5. Kids, adults. Don't matter. That's what happens when you try to keep up with the big boys. We don't descriminate.
  6. I'm just saying though!?! Lol
  7. See what happens. Were u the one who's shoes ended up on the freeway?
  8. Ha, I was already pieceing when your mama was changing your diapers. Don't get karate kicked In the back when your running away again.
  9. Shameless self promotion. Kids these days. Nobody else will post that bullshit, so you might as well. Haha
  10. You doing all the foot work in a crew where the leaders never done shit. I can count the number of pieces on one hand. Start your own crew. U will get more respect;-)
  11. so much better than the garbage thats there now. slop house swamp donkeys
  12. Bomb Threat! real hip hop shop.
  13. bump that steel komy bog shit Trux Bestia represent.
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