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  1. maybe im just asking for it, the pic is real, but yeh it's not one for 'i want to see you.. for the folks', so theres not much point (pulled), call shennanigans or whatever i wasn't ever going to post a headshot and that really wasn't the point anyway.. wtf what was the point? i think i just wanted to get see the response, can't say i wasn't expecting a lot of negative feedback but appreciate some of the experiences shared..
  2. that is one thing, far as my dad knows she works in a bar.
  3. yeah i call you on that bullshit Hashy, i know plenty, no doubt it's not the majority.. but you won't really meet one if yr just a 'client' and coked up yrself we met through friends on holiday..
  4. well actually i do have some flicks from some calendar shoots, i'll find one that don't give too much away, ie her face.. some facts, she does no drugs (unless you count expensive herbal teas from the new age place) , has given up cigs since i've known her and almost got me to do so too, drinks socially but never tooo excessively.. has a grad diploma, has written a book and travelled to just about avery fucken country in the world.. is nearly finished studying to be a yoga instructor will go back an read and check later.. cheers EastBay- goin to see alkaholiks on wed30th if thats any
  5. sup, first post.. been lurkin a while an some flics.. bored at work so anyway why not ask yous guys for an opinion on this, sure to get some kind of response? i'm livin with my lover/'partner?' we've been together about a year now, moved in about 6 months ago.. she's a showgirl/table dancer, call it what you likes she makes her money doing lapdances, i'm pretty cool with it all and i knew about it from the start, although she did stop when we first hooked up and often talks about giving it up.. i've been to see a couple shows and know the deal pretty much, here it's strictly no
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