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  1. where can i get this? and this?
  2. heh... ive met those and 1 mixtape fags... lol and not much more people... jus sports... boston bruins.. new england pats.... i dont really care bout meetin people
  3. hatebreed - live for this jedi mind tricks - scars of the crucifix jus allah - g.o.d.
  4. lol.... im afraid to tell my parents cuz... my dad likes graff, like he knows mad artist and everything... and i sketch all the time, my dad buys me paint and ink and markers.. but whenever i leave the house and come back they like joke around and are like... you go ''bombing"?!? ... and like laugh,,, i dont know if a should tell them or not so...
  5. ^^right, its really just having the balls... ussually the people what get fucked cuz of graff either have balls or are stupid... just go to a spot and do your shit till the cops come... thats my idea.... do your shit till you hear or see cops... simple
  6. FUCK! ^^^ i snuck in a skatepark and was doin a peice in the bowl and my boy saw a cop car lookin at our bikes out side the fence... and the cop was lookin up to see us and we ran.. the only way out was a 20 foot fence and they another 7foot fence with barbed wire... i jumped down and i sprained my ankle and broke 2 toes.. fuckin limped over the barbed wire and i ripped skin off my chest and shit.. not that bad.... but compared to the dude above me im pussy! lol fuckin good luck man!
  7. what did you say or how did you tell your parents? ----to everyone.....
  8. ive stolen everything i own... lol naw only the graff shit... im middle class about... well my fam is at least
  9. i would love to do a massive roller on any of these buildings
  10. seafood is tight too.. crabs, lobster, shrimp, catfish... mad good
  11. my fave food is all food moslty... chinese...
  12. sure.... just try that and see if it looks dope with your name... no need to ask... just try it... and if it look ill... then yes it works
  13. i beleive in god... and thats how i was raised but people think im some fuckin jesus freak animal... but im just a normal guy... i accually hate most christians cuz of the reason they are always so selfish and think their better than everyone... it just pisses me off... but i def belaive in god... cuz id rather belaive in something than nothing... and if there is a heaven, other know as paradise... why not beleive... its either real or fake right? id rather shoot for real... so whatever....
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