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  1. crits? i was gonna do a buter icp piece but i ran outta room lol... "bute" by saet4
  2. war terror


    craola saber revok ja noxer obey seen dondi seaz jesussaves kadism les
  3. salvation army... lol.. not fuckin jokin
  4. new shit... cant find toy throw thread
  5. got this 2day... im buyin doemdirty to fill... needs pump and mixer... when i hold it upside down the water (i tested with water) just drips right out.. any suggestions what to substitute for a pump?
  6. it is bullshit... some kid said i can get a free ipod video... and he said he got one... so i tried... 3 weeks later no ipod....
  7. http://www.ekosystem.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2876 state your name^^^ sorry bout doubled post
  8. http://www.ekosystem.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2876 state your name^^ if you wanna get good just practice, practice, practice... rack,rack, rack... then bomb, bomb, bomb... pretty simple if you ask me and when i comes to school... DONT DO IT!!! bottom line, i got caught in ninth grade. in the act... lol got a week suspension... i was just writin stupid shit but still dont do it.... its fun puttin stickers around school cuz no one really cares.... when it comes to askin questions, dont figure it out yourself... experiment, try shit out, be very careful, keep your eyes open
  9. start with a two letter name.. real simple letters
  10. in michaels, the craft store... do they use their cams at all?
  11. this is one of those movies that no one at all sees and one of those movies where the starring actor (samuel l jackson) loses his career
  12. HAHAHH im not even going now... my dad says he doenst think im interested in the sport.......................... so im going to rack some markers instead! yeah!
  13. anyone going to the and1 mixtape tour open run in d.c.?
  14. war terror


    jedi mind tricks hat
  15. they are decent, not the best... molotows sucks ass... and i meant where to find decos to rack them.. not buy them :(
  16. i love randoms hand... dope
  17. war terror


    can someone post a huge tie flick... im makin a t shirt and i need a big pic
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