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  1. small knife 2 markers black and white paint about 5 cans hat mask around my neck tucked under my hoodie cd player never my wallet cell
  2. wtf are you talkin about... killing christains? theyve never said anything like that.. btw this album is dope... and cassidy sucks dick
  3. click the middle of the picture.. ''enter'' pops up
  4. Re: Graffiti Supply Shop Superthread has anybody here done a mailorder? where you send in money then they send your order? cuz my dad found out i write and he wont buy me shit anymore so i wanna find out a way to get markers without him doin it... i have no debt card or anything so... any suggestions?
  5. i think the guys in the yard paintin are norm and some other guys.. i recognize his voice from piece by piece.. idk tho
  6. writers gkae and skept are on a show in la about graffiti and what not http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=7501552983714272952 from the 90's
  7. this clothing line is pretty dope http://www.projecticlothing.com/ check it out... pretty cheap too
  8. http://www.dickblick.com/zz221/10/ copic markers are fuckin expensive! are they better than prismas?
  9. this thread defines graff... this is how you get up
  10. how are these simples.... im goin SIMPLE now.... new name... SAET4.... hows it look?
  11. my e is really fucked up... my t would look better with a smaller e too... ill work on the 3d
  12. any trades? this is only a few... i have more... or always make more
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