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  1. jimmy.

    Parents and YOU

    if my parents knew ide be stuck at home for ever. i gotta be home by 12 on the weekends so almost all the bombing i do is while sneaking out. i know im gonna get caught eventually though cuz my dad sleepwalks and shit
  2. jimmy.

    solo flyers

    its easier like that mostly.. the fewer the better. just pay more attention since u dont got anyone looking out for you i bring a cellphone so if i look suspicious just standing or walking around i can talk into it and pretend im meeting up with somone
  3. people that write all over the walls god damn no respect
  4. this movie is awesome! and im related to somone in it too monty python and the holy grail is also good, if it hasnt been said yet
  5. jimmy.


    idunno, didnt watch the whole thing but i think they were all getting new friends.. like the black guy got a black friend, the asian guy got an asian friend so the team broke up. i havnt seen korgoth, but tom ep goes to the mayor is the shit. somone should vandalize jefferton
  6. where can i get line marker spray paint? i found a can of this on the train tracks today, its crazy. only sprays upside down so it sucks normally but its really good for leaning over rooftops and whetever
  7. jimmy.


    i just saw a JA fill on a truck in this show minoriteam on cartoon network.. what the hell
  8. i just landed sex-change varial flip today. which is a retarted ass trick but ive never seen anyone even try it before its even worse that he does taht in front of his two little girls
  9. what can i take fat caps off of? i tried hairspray and other stuff but they were all "female" caps
  10. i once saw a bum on the amtrak tracks wearing a cartman tshirt who told me that some kids got arrested there the week before and 2 people fucking in the stairway at a subway station. it was the middle of the day too
  11. 7 line spots on the way home from school. i noticed darks and utz first and then started looking out the window every day to see if there was anything new
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