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  1. That is very true. I'm a citizen and all and I still didn't get approved for EBT. My wife on the other hand is white and filipino (looks hella white) and she got approved ASAP. Now I'm not broke or nothing but since I have a kid on the way and times are tough any little bit helps. I see all these trailer trash getting WIC and EBT and spending it all on bullshit pisses me the fuck off, not to mention other white folks rocking their Chanel and LV going through the checkout line at grocery stores, setting their Porsche keys on the counter then proceed to pay with food stamps. Hmmmmm sure looks like us mexicans get all this free shit.
  2. Expecting my first. It's a boy. We decided on Ethan Dominick or just Dom. Due to my wife being filipino I'm fucking glad we didn't go with Jayden, JP, EJ, PJ and so forth. Don't get me wrong us mexicans get some wierd as names to. One thing we both agreed on was not going the traditional mexican route and giving him both last names henceforth it will look like a list of names on his ID. I fucking hate it. I have to fill out my first name, middle name and both last names on many forms.
  3. Whenever I'm out in Guadalajara "Estrella" seems to reign supreme. IMO it shits on modelo. As for dark beers I prefer Sol Negra or Indio
  4. Also heres that video I was talking about. These were confiscated from La Familia Michoacana. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those. This brings a whole new definition to bringing a knife to a gunfight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIEzeuhjFYM Bonus Video NSFW This dude was a cop working with a rival cartel. He got his. http://theync.com/media.php?name=16462-hang
  5. This actually is relevant since the cartels use MS13 and other gangs on both sides of the border to carry out hits or sell meth for them.
  6. They are definitely in there. As well as fucking crazy as it sounds, the sinaloa cartel invented a knife that doubles as a gun. If I find the video again I'll post it up. There's also another one where an AK comes out of a secret compartment behind the stereo in a car. They're definitely on some ninja shit.
  7. So after my brief hiatus on the oontz I come bearing gifts. This blog is fucking nuts. Everyday shootings, beheadings, blown up consulates by rocket launchers/grenade, kidnappings, extortion, the works. You name it they got it. Pics and videos included. Beware though NSFW or if there are children present. Pretty much gives info on who's who in the drug trade and their rivalries and how they live. Hours of quality reading. Brings a tear to my eye though to see how fucked up my motherland has become. http://www.blogdelnarco.com/ And here's the website dude had before some Narcos hacked it and took it down. They hate being in the media. http://www.blogdelnarco.info Enjoy.
  8. If you can find a place called El Fogoncito. It's kind of a chain of restaurants now but when I was out there they only had a few and the tacos are fucking spectacular. Other than that I suggest eating at random street cart spots, they usually have the best food. Museum for the win. I haven't been there since '04 but I plan on going back this year. Also try and visit Polanco for sure, that's the upscale area where all the rich mexicans and coke lords live. Other than that have fun and try not to get robbed on the peseras. Also try and stay away from Tepito, that area is mad fucking gully. Actually just stay away from both of those.
  9. If anything they should endorse it.
  10. Here's to prove who is ducking who. As stated Mayweather had already agreed to a March date now Pac wants it pushed further back. http://www.boxingscene.com/?m=show&id=23862
  11. Mayweather has not been ducking Pac and everyone who follows boxing knows it. He's been trying to get at him since the Pac Hatton fight. And yes he did agree to fight him in march. Check the boxing websites, negotiations are underway already. Also check the interviews where he basically tells Roach to fuck off and tells Pacquiao to be a man and step up to the plate quit having arum and roach talk and call him out. Whatever happened to the pac that was down to fight anybody and call them out. For example, after Erik Morales whooped his ass in the first fight pac was like"um yea I willing to fight again I want rematch". These days when they would question him about Mayweather he would say, "Umm it's up to my promoters who I fight so I just leave it to them". Pacquiao is going to get fucking served. He beat up and old and super weight drained/dehydrated de la hoya. An overrated Hatton who was all mentally fucked up after having lost to mayweather in a dominant fashion. Pac lets his team super cherry pick his opponents, thats why they don't want none from Marquez anymore. He already gave Pac 2 boxing lessons and wanted to give him a 3rd one, what did pac do? "Umm I dont want no more, our business is finished". Look at miguel cotto, they knew that was going to be easy for him, Cotto hasn't been the same since that Margarito loss. Nuff said from. Come March 13 get ready to watch pac retire.
  12. Damn I'm 24D. Can't prop you yet Theo. I'm fucking dying over here.
  13. Thanks for the invite earl, I'll hit you on the PM later. As for tonight we're just gonna chill, been a long day. There was some mix ups with the hotel but it's all taken care of plus a free upgrade and free night. Fuck yeah!
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