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  1. 1611

    Character Post

    quick bboy... not so sure about the colours though
  2. 1611


    [ATTACH]34567.vB[/ATTACH] tag
  3. artcrimes you got some mad styles i think i like the not 3d stuff more though
  4. i seen a aeon production in progress down on the upfield line near brunswick stn.. or a few before that cat kills it with style
  5. yo ren thanks for taking the time to do me a sketch i will be busy with yours in the next few days peace
  6. 1611

    The 3D pages.

    also to omer your style is mad dope i see your walls all the time
  7. 1611

    The 3D pages.

    yo don't know if this counts but i tried to apply 3-d styles to something that wasn't straight letters
  8. first thing i saw when i was a kid like 4/5 yrs this fresh 'ACRE' character of a boy & his dog outside a 7/11 must be like 15 years old by now & it is still fresh
  9. hey so who won that elect battle?
  10. 1611


    all frenchfry sketches are dope styles big props
  11. yo also the 'aerosole' sketch was dope big ups
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