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  1. ok kids... listen up.

    seeing as none of you ever do any fucking research and it seems to me that none of you kids have any conception of what a fucking "graffiti" charge is so let give you a tip.......


    criminal mischief is classified as any crime involving the "maliscious destruction of private or public property." in texas which is really the only relevant legal arena to discuss, any criminal mischief case that involves damages to property equal to $1,500 or more is considered a felony. defacing federal property, schools, and churches (considered a hate crime) is under federal juresdiction, and they can either persue a federal felony charge or drop it to the lower state courts. anything about 150 feet of this or that is stupid, it has to be direct desctrutiobn of federal or federally regulated property. so the whole if you tag with in 50 feet of a train track that its gonna be a federal charge is not only untrue but stupid. for the most part because it would involve private property the desicion to prosecute is left up to the owner of the property unless it involves public property then its up to the county to decide.


    also and READ THIS CAREFULLY.......

    if you ever get arrested for anything, even if the evidence is overwhelmingly against you, do not make any statement with out legal counsel present.....PERIOD. no ifs ands or buts.....a police officer will talk to you will harrass you and threaten to put you away but they ultimately dont have any power over what you say. miranda vs. arizona established that the police have to read you your rights

    "you have to right to remain silent you have the right to an attorney....ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN COURT."

    so dont fuckin talk even if they have pictures of you tagging or standing in front of a piece you did.....just make a satement of denial and request a lawyer before you answer any other questions......maybe something along the lines of (and be sure to be condescending but in a way that wont insult them like)


    "im sorry officer i dont know what your talking about and i really dont understand anything thats going on right now so i would feel much better if before i answer any other questions, and i unsderstand your only doing your job, i would still feel much more comfortable if i had legal representation present"


    so the lesson here today kids is that....

    your ignorant

    being stupid gets you caught

    and talking puts yu and other people into the position to get arrested.....









    GOOD LUCK RADADDY let me know how things are nikkah

  2. atxbomber, your gay you suck and you definately dont bomb. shut the fuck up and remove your face from your ass so you can go grab a razor and slice your wrists, please remember as well that its down the road not across the street

  3. owwwwww bump for beef.....bump for wack graffiti, and a big bump for writing other peoples names. the point is who cares....do your thing and burn them bridges till the cows come home on. hahaha had fun in satown with them rtl gy gcgc and orgasm kiddos. bump to meak and mote. bump for those crazy ass white boys ables and dope, shit was fun. bump for broken cars and getting sweated by the cops. and bump for nvee being mia the entire fucking weekend.


    everybody should know something and its that whatever kind of graff you do, whoever you are, your all doing the same thing. maybe not the same way but its still essentially the same thing, its vandalism. everybody is competing for space and everyone should realize that if you get caught they treat you the same way whether your a toy or a king. beef should be settled threw battles not slash fests, and if they dont battle you, you fight, and then leave it that (if they dont fight or battle then ther pussies and unwilling to get pass their inflated sense of pride and should shut up and get better cause they wont ever be taken serisouly). guns and knifes and jumping people thats wack and its why people look at graff crews as gangs these days. crews are there to back you up when you get into trouble, and crews are the people you trust when you write, their friends and comrades in the game, and leave the crew in the game. be your crew mates friend but leave life seperate from graff if that makes sense. talent walks and bullshit talks. hubris is the downfall of men........get use to it we're all in the same toilet.


    and nvee get at me.......you bastard.

  4. only toys and shit talking bitches would talk shit about nvee......get off it you black book bitches, nv was painting before you kids even knew what a spray paint can looked like.......dudes talented so dont hate cause you dont have the skills to back anything up....in other words you suck at life and dont hate on people just cause you see them doing something you cant

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