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  1. i like self promo it makes me feel like i have a bigger penis hahahaha
  2. i would like to see a lot of self promotion personally, just so i can see how wack everyone else is hahaha bump nero meak and ndoe, hey you owe me a tub son
  3. lol bump wack wildstyles ooooooo burn
  4. im gay...... you have something against gay people.....huh.....HUH hahahaha i wuv dizmoooooo
  5. keep dobsilla homo.....i love your gumdrops larry
  6. hey dont stress it man its the innternet, i dont even know who you are so i cant honestly talk shit to you eiither.....lighten up oh and be merry with perry drinking the blood of virgins this fine hallows eve
  7. smokin dro with da homies where else.....
  8. hes talking about how you have camel toe and you like to stroke kilbasa sausage......well actually maybe i need a berger before i watch that guy radar on mash and morn the loss of my big toes because as we all know a deaf horse singing the anthem of a nation of gomer pile wannabes is rather dangerous when someone named francis is screaming "mas tacos por la dober-man pinicher" etc etc i die and vomit in the process...my organs need phiksin and my dirty little habiits die hard when a joker smeres my enzo ferrari with drity graffiti.......I H8 U all
  9. your gay........ either way bump berger and mornolo.....and radar too cause hes a dirty jew....ride em horsey
  10. ok.....how many toys does it take to screw in a light bulb, one to screw in the light bulb and break it in the process and two more to tell him dope style and emflame his ego.........sound familar.... stop breaking good things....
  11. sounds like someone needs a lollipop
  12. ok i dont know how to even dignify this shit with a response......
  13. well i didnt start really paiting till i was about 18 but its about the basics.....simples, throwies, block busters, straight letters, thats what all these kids should be focusing on......stick to a book and a bridge for a while and dont come on here lookin for tips because the people that offer anything more than "stick to the basics" are probably spinning their wheels and dont really know what their talking about. i had to work extremely hard to get to where i am and even then im still tryng to evolve and progress. im still a toy at least by my standards, but what all the kdis starting out need to realize is that just because they have a can of rusto and a fat cap to match doesnt mean that your a ing by anymeans
  14. less arrows less stars less things you cant do....and cant paint that "mryep3" straight is about teh only decent thing on this thread
  15. well some people can draw it but dont have th can control to do a clean fuckin throwie so why waste your time drawing something that takes you like 15 hours to do in a black book when you wont wver be able to realze that piece on a wall.....but your right that too is true.....one thing i cant stand is when people do loopy fuckin wildstyles with ten thousand arrows and cant even do a clean simple and stylish throw or straght letter......ITS ALL ABOUT THE BASICS IF YOU'VE only BEEN PAINTING FOR A LITTLE WHILE
  16. wow.....this thread should be called toys on parade....learn how to do a fill in and solid straight letters before you decide to go and bite someone like daim...... baby steps people, baby steps.....oh and bump that omer a couple pages back.... if you cant paint it dont bother drawing it
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