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  1. now why are they doing thaat......deano hasn't even lived in austin for over a year, not to mention he's one of the nicest people i've met....
  2. shares font style sick as fuck on the cutty clean tip.... ho down
  3. skum rh not ftl.....long live the MF's hahaha
  4. detor went over robem horse toes and even an old yukon freight too.....thats no bueno, and poder going over wh and kbt, thats just plain silly
  5. sheesh no respect in the land of toys
  6. way to side bust someone that you shouldn't be on a freight with
  7. god what a meany.....why are you such a meany roustabout, is it cause mommy didnt give you enough hugs when you were younger
  8. only the dopest guido this side of sicily son hahaha
  9. haters need not apply.......bump the half dead gang
  10. ummm.....someone needs to get over themselves. nobody has killed austin with style since hd was running things. rgk isn't even a year old while hd has been around for well over 5. your talking about these kids like they were the kings of style at one point and then just dropped off when some of them haven't even been writing for year. when it comes down to it they crush and thy're willing to back their shit up. what it really sounds to me like is someone didn't have some of his his friends backing him up like he thought they would. and be the way......that leopard lounge thing isn't impressive nor is that business around anymore so get over yourself.
  11. bump for jane goodall bump hd mf gy dts dsc orgasm and anybody who doesn't use tape.......
  12. pause.....meeka.....worms.....lewis.....broke.....debt.....nekst.....vizie.......hometown heroes
  13. OMG enzo and then anthem whats this world coming to
  14. bump for the freshest jew out there hahaha......i know him yes i do
  15. enzo is not dead he just got a flat tire on his bike and it got blown out of proportion
  16. bump for dallas heads and styles for miles mr stale.... no bumps for wack wildstyles......
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