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  1. fuck, we had a gkae spot running..
  2. that repetitive noise tag shit is lame, same with the hollow throws in eastvan. if you have enough time to do 10 hollows next to eachother why dont you do a fill,
  3. who the fuck went over the lee matasi memorial?
  4. This thread is for vancity, not lame Surrey shit. all above does is paint in the middle of nowhere and films his shit to post on youtube. he has to draw up some new shit, he paints the same burners over and over again. As for stompdown, im not sure what the deal is with them. I do know they love fliming themselves and posting that shit on youtube. It seems like Stompdown is in someway connected with EPHIN which IMO is a pretty fucking questionable brand.First off they want a piece of everything (snowboarding,skateboarding,graff,hip hop). Aside from that they have some apparel t
  5. anything that has good proportions, lately i have found a bunch of good quality shit from army and navy for under $20
  6. Asterisk.

    Stussy Shirts

    stussy is played out, they sell it in a mall a few miles from where i live. Personally i can't stand wearing shit that is sold in malls, but it still happens. Just last night i bought a stussy dog tag necklace, but it was designed by Futura so i felt my purchase was justifiable.haha
  7. Asterisk.

    bob ross

    hahahahahha i want a bob ross tattoo
  8. thats a great photo, borderline gross
  9. thats a quote from a rolling stone article...i dont understand why he'd change his name if he was going to start selling canvases and shit. He could probably sell way more shit writing ja stuff, just do it like banksy and be super stealth about it
  10. all over print are pllaaaaaaaaayed out. i would never buy any of that shit anymore, its insane how many people rock this shit
  11. went for a loooong walk today and "noise" is really up
  12. its just a company, if somebody wants to remove graffiti they are going to, so why shouldnt they profit off of it. personally i don't think a company like rustoleum targets graffiti artists as their main consumer. Like johnneh7 said belton and mtn make it too, because paint remover has many uses.
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