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Scarry Larry

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  1. Scarry Larry

    The DF CREW -------------->

    nice freight !:cool:
  2. Scarry Larry

    The Beer Thread

    picked up some NEBCO ISTs last week , will let some sit for a while. And probably have 1 sometime soon.
  3. Scarry Larry

    The Beer Thread

    I just polished off the last can from a case of Heady Topper today, damn good. The CBS I have enjoyed on draft before, but did not take the extra effort to ensure myself a bottle. With all the hype on the release, I became discouraged with "scoring a bottle".
  4. Scarry Larry


    These are dope :
  5. Scarry Larry


    Mone Curve
  6. Scarry Larry

    + ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Oregon, May 2011...!! +

    some nice flicks in there. & that white capped mountain is pretty damn scenic.
  7. Scarry Larry

    Images Of Fascination

    some good stuff in here, good to see folks keeping busy.
  8. Scarry Larry

    The Beer Thread

    This is a more approachable dubbel style beer, it is quite nice. It is produced by Sierra Nevada with some agreement/collaboration from a Belgian monastery.
  9. Scarry Larry


    aroe joce
  10. Scarry Larry


    jas7 seems to get around. Saw a throw of his in Austin last weekend while taking a leak in the woods.
  11. Scarry Larry


    back in this snowy winter, while some of us were in front of the fire
  12. Scarry Larry


    Bavarian beer drinking women in skirts ? Why not ?
  13. Scarry Larry


    Curve`s got a nice hand
  14. Scarry Larry

    Springfield, MA

    Nero Task
  15. Scarry Larry

    RIME, segunda parte...

    That Blade tribute is nice.