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ur n deep

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  1. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7091/7377714326_a42c60de58_t.jpg
  2. U aaaaallll need to get ur fukin story straight....he's a snitch cus web sum real ass niggas rolled up on em he fucking jumps in his zip car and begs a murhafucker to work shot out.and calls the police on people who threaten him...San quinntinn isn't for me for sum Ol.WANNa be MMA fiter ..that's a washed up STREEt ARTIST...fool don't fire shot but his own line work..if he wuld man up n go to the alley he gladly get scraped tough.but this fukin bitch is using the fact that he has permission for the mural and therefor the police will come to help your tough guy friends...fool won't b soon much m
  3. :lol: if i dont stop seein this fake ass weak ass shit...ima break this kids meth pipe in his ass.
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