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  1. usually when one of my guys has been arrested for a little marker tag, if the name doesnt have a history, it gets dropped
  2. dropped case. the judge aint havin that bullshit
  3. empty out that sharpie magnum. take out the nib, then use plyers to get the cotton out. once all you have is a metal carcas, fill with whatever ink you want and plug it with a half strip of chalkboard eraser folder in half. This marker works especially well for inks with chemicals that may eat plastic, as its metal. chyea.
  4. aight thanks do em dirty. and props on ur ink dog the shit is stainin pretty well on Chicago Transit
  5. oinkoinkoink-you can get window writers at craft shops, fabric stores, and some walgreens. Does anyone know if blue carbon paper works for carbon paper ink?
  6. so nobody know about the blue carbon paper? Im in no rush so i can wait a few days...
  7. Will the blue carbon paper work for Carbon paper ink? All the places i have been to only have blue and black, but i know that black doesnt work. So does anyone know about the blue? This is in reference to the ink made with shreds of carbon paper mixed with isopryl acohol.
  8. yo does the Liquid Gentian Violet (1% of the chemical mixed with alcohol and water) work as an additive? Because the only powder im finding is looking pretty expensive
  9. Yo is it true that inks containing Xylene, such as Do Em Dirty, Are unsafe for use in a plastic mop or marker? If so will mixing an ink with xylene with another ink without it make it alright for use in a plastic marker?
  10. anybody know about the staining power of the blue inside job DED? im thinking of modifying i want to know if its necessary
  11. so far ive pretty much only been seeing flicks of the black DED. Hows the staining on the blue Inside Job DED?
  12. nahhhh. etch doesnt do shit unless u git way to much on urself. in most cases, it will burn a bit if u get enough on urself. it doesnt hurt your palms tho. u just gotta not be a big dumby usin it
  13. etch is just a form of getting up, and happens to be drippy:D. if you consider a regular tag done in an even slightly staining ink to be art, then etch should be the same.
  14. since the fuck when is etch not tolerated on 12oz?
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