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  1. fuck hek's weak shit... seriously. and quit using 3 screen names to hype yourself up. you silly fucking queer.
  2. we miss you, we love you, and you're in our conversations, memories, and hearts daily.
  3. cleveland is 1/2 full of spot jockers, biters, and kids with no fucking style - attention starved jealous faggots who's style and skill get them nowhere but in the way of the bigger and better machines. i need not say names. it's the truth. this shit is sickening.
  4. digit's shit looks like an ether/bryer/arise mashup from biterville, ohio.
  6. and moe, don't tell someone about how they didn't know someone long enough to be effected by their death. Phrite was alot of peoples best friend out here. he lived, played, and worked with us aside from graffiti. and most of the people he got down with knew him longer than your "less than a year evaluation of someone's existence" period. Remember, people travel. I'm not down with the fact that people are R.I.P.ing him in places that will obviously get toyed out though... there's alot of give and take in you guys' situation on both sides but the majority of this is pretty fucking gay.
  7. all this bullshit upsets my stomach.
  8. lordz of brooklyn dedicated a song to phrite at warped... and i'm sure scribble weekend is gonna be full of memorials too! post those flicks!
  9. don't make a trip out of it.
  10. every time i tell a story, it had something to do with roy while he was in ohio/az. you witnessed us in our retardedest moments bro. everyday on my ride to work i remember all those times when it was just us at the house. ridle out at his chicks and lost all asleep in the back... sinek being god knows where - and us talking about how awesome and fucked up graffiti is (mostly due to me being stupid and the snow)... me hating on system of a down, haha. god, its like you never left us man... i keep having this crazy perception that you're back in phoenix without a phone or something. i wake up everyday and ride my bike to work... thinking about you. wondering if you're looking down on me and laughing at me to just get through the day. when i get to work i look at this thread every day from front to back, every fucking day. i remember you tatooing me at raztecas and your cousin coming in to make sure you were doing alright. god, i miss you so much. as non-religious as i am, i have this feeling that we'll be seeing eachother again. watch our backs... especially your brother sinek. the dude's a livewire out here! hahahaha! sinek, guilt, resek, bionek, everyone back in the AZ... much love. him being never forgotten goes without saying. be easy fellahs. -b.
  11. damn, sorry to hear about the BS fam's loss. Thus and Unit stay up brothas, we've lossed alotta good people this year.
  12. i don't know if these have been posted yet. searching through flicks on the comp for some Roy stuff and these came up. last one was dayton wall scribble 05. i know you're watching everyone's back homie. never forget.
  13. that tribute wall was done with arise doing the phrite piece and bryer doing the angel. there's an athl piece to the right of it. there's a shoutout on the side of the angel to resek, guilt, sinek, and bionek. R.I.P. the RoyBoy. Fuckin' miss you.
  14. i think about you every day. you understood what many dismissed as me being silly or stupid or whatever. you're the only person who I couldn't imagine ever getting mad at about the godamn B-word. you saw where I was coming from with all this weight on the brain... gave me advice about dealing with the hoes getting the mental one-ups on me... memories keep surfacing... nobody who ever had the chance of meeting you will ever forget you man. the good die young, but you're in a better place man. the best place to be. i hope you put a good word in for all of us you left behind when our time comes. you'll always be golden bro.
  15. Re: What are you doing right now? wishing i could smash on bitches in roller skates (quads preferably). roller derby girls go hard.
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