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  1. OHHH NO YOU DIDNT!!!! Dude your still mad...
  2. Yeah i mean the shoulder is fine so long as the rocks and shit aint to big to where rolling your ankle becomes more likely. As far as posture goes Ive been told i have a weird posture when i run so I cant really give any decent advise in that area.
  3. Well shoes can make a HUGE difference. I know there is a shop here that will film you running on a treadmill and do some science stuff to give you the best shoe for your style of running. Maybe you guys might be lucky enough to have a similar shop in your local areas to do the same thing. Lower back pain could be a number of things... shoes being one of them, posture, the surface your running on, and if your fat around the waist that could be part of the problem too. Awesome post casek I owe you a prop for that shit!!
  4. epson salt... bath them shins in that shit and ice them shits a lot. Also I can try to explain a stretch that KINDA works it wont be like stretching your quads but for some it works for others it does not. place your knees together on the ground and sit on your feet. your heels should be skyward and you should be sitting on them while the tops of your toes should be flat on the ground. Once your in that position place your hands behind yourself as far as you can and start to lean back you should feel the stretch right over the top of the shins. I hope that made sense...
  5. perhaps .... I truthfully didnt even know buried inside didnt have any other albums other than spoils of failure and i still will stand by my statement (with edit ) and say thats not a metalcore album. either way metalcore or not.... my dick is still the biggest in this whole thread so i still am the winner:D
  6. Find this deathcore and metalcore of which you speak of... Last few bands i remember posting was buried inside (its not brutal and techy so you wont dig it, but it sure isnt deathcore or metalcore) I posted some cynic (im sure that goes without saying they are not either of the above). You might be reffering to that post Q666 made about how the next video in the youtube listing on the right was something like "top 10 metalcore videos " or something that was on the buried inside videos page. Oh i found another crappy metal band with pianos in the beginning ewwwww so stupid..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1FivvPQIUY cryptopsy phobophile
  7. morally speaking if there is around 15 sweaty runner chicks at the morning runs im pretty sure it is mandatory then... at least to you it should be. What good is it being a good runner/lifter whatever if you dont get teh chicks br0!!111
  8. Well maybe if you eat a shit load of complex and simple carbs the night before you might perform a bit better... I used to be on a 10 mile running team and I would start carbing up usually about 36 hours before the event.
  9. Well the record label (candlelight) abigail williams is on is a fairly good label to say its got shitty production value is a pretty bold statement. I never said they are progressive metal nor did i say experimental. I said that since the stuff you posted (wasnt bad at all IMO) all sounded the same. I will look those bands up you listed. so what if you dont like that sub-genre of metal...dont act like some faggot 17 year old who just got into metal and his music is the only music....dont be some faggot music elitist unless you bring something better to the table.
  10. Log what you ate... Im thinking maybe you didnt have enough carbs for your morning runs and just didnt have the fuel. On your evening runs maybe you took in enough carbs throughout the day and thus performed better. This is purely a guess... anyone else got anything this is pretty interesting.
  11. Great point.:rolleyes: Your absolutely right keyboards should never be in metal, only guitars drums only blast beats nothing else... ever and vocals the same deep vocals over and over again. Progression and experimentation is for pussies. You should be able to listen to metal from 93 and hear no difference from an album coming out 5 years from now. I like how you used "fucking retarded and shitty" really put me in my place dude.
  12. i have been cycling on and off of "purple K" creatine since like marchish. I gained maybe 3-5 lbs of water weight (which is not to bad considering its creatine) and saw the same strength gains as say "BSN's cell mass" (which i used a few years ago). They say you take 1-2 capsules before and after workout... dont plan on sleeping if you sleep after the gym because that shit will make you piss for what seems like every 15 minutes for like 2 hours. Pretty much all creatine will do that though.
  13. you seem a bit visibly upset right now... its ok though. some cool vis br0. And you probably right abigail williams got pretty big so their music must suck now huh...
  14. I demand more WOES this instant!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Agalloch is the shit ... a definite change of pace for me but pretty awesome none the less. I DL'd the mantle and ashes against the grain. I didnt like their vocals at first either, but its cool now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlT-CvpLtHI&feature=PlayList&p=2BEE31A5B2606D04&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=12 - abigail williams -sanctuary ... saw these guys live samus their drummer is fucking super intense. really awesome american black metal band
  16. sour leder yup......BIG YUP
  17. could/SHOULD be at the gym .... but i think i will oontz it instead...
  18. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! Thats Tripod... Not really my pet, but we sorta adopted him when we worked in the area he lived at. This little guy was notorious for acting hurt or injured, we would feel bad give him food and he would prance off like nothing happened.. yeah we got hustled. This guy is Swedish fish. Again same story not mine but me and the guys I work with adopted him when we were out where he lives and took care of him. He got his name because a guy we work with hates the candy swedish fish, so he always feed them to this guy and swedish fish (we started calling him SF) loved this damned things. The locals here treat dogs kinda shitty so these dogs really seemed to appreciate us giving them shit loads of food and spoiling the shit out of them.
  19. wait....wwaaiiiittttt i think he is being sarcastic.. FUCKING GENIUS
  20. i wanna see them so fucking bad...
  21. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? Dimes dropping time now...
  22. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? thisx100000.... i mean we got a flick of the tranny so why not the real girl?? EDIT: GODSPEED NBB
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