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  1. if i ever own a polar bear im going to name it "extreme velocity"
  2. NOTHING is more metal then 13 drummers wearing jump suits and masks... FUCKING NOTHING... only thing that might even come close to being as metal as that is jesus
  3. Go check out the post your meals thread till your full IT WORKS BRAHH! OORRRRR you can tell minors you will buy them alcohol if you can keep the change do it enough and you can get some shit from the store.
  4. damn you fuckers had pictures on standby for this fucking thread...
  5. dude i will never ever ever ever again drink NOxplode and not go to the gym and expect to sleep 4 hours later... I was fucking awake all night and only got 2 hours of sleep as is. Oh and I used to drink fruit punch that shit was not half bad.
  6. metalasfock


    id be lying if i said i havent before and i wont again....:rolleyes:
  7. ohh and side note NOxplode grape is fucking horrible...
  8. Your laziness is contagious. I was skyping it up with a chick for like 3 hours... my gym time came and went... I even was drinking a fucking NOxplode and still didnt go... feel free to boo at me now.:confused2: :confused2:
  9. Well the shit i Just took was nothing short of amazing. I must admit i thought about fappin it i was in such a good mood... but i opted to stick with the original plan.
  10. Bout to take a monster ass shit.... i will proceed to make a follow up post...
  11. so bombing oakland is like bombing a legal yard.... lame
  12. thread approval... however this thread so far, makes me miss the beach, so I am kinda visibly upset right now about that...
  13. metalasfock


    I got an original print banner of this right hurrrr... hanging in my room right meow
  14. True and not true... Shin splints can turn into stress fractures if A) you dont develop that muscle in-front of your shin B) if you just push through it and say fuck the pain. if you stretch them before and after running it will help build that muscle and thus they will start to go away.
  15. metalasfock


    I just went from 6 to midnight..... HOTHIPTSTERCHICKREVIVALONER!!!!
  16. I understand where they are coming from. However to just take animals off of the market like that might be a bit of stretch. Perhaps they could develop some sort of system to owning firearms. Have potential buyers actually get off of their asses and get a license of some sort and do some paper work to weed out those who are shopping on impulse and wont keep the pet longer than 3 months. Maybe even throw a few classes in there about proper care taking of pets. And how to pick up after your dog when he fucking shits in my lawn so I dont have to decapitate him and put it in your mailbox... just an idea
  17. bump karate kick girl.... id smash just sayin
  18. acer check out the born free video from MIA its got running and gingers (gingers getting killed) haha. I have been on unkown distance runs those are the worst. factory- to me I know there is a cap on how much protein you can take in... I have heard everything from 1 gram per lb that you weigh and I have heard 2 grams per. I take in as much as i can so i know i reach that cap (or at least i am trying). I have not read/heard of anything suggesting that to much protein can be bad. I guess its like you have a gas tank that you are not sure of how much gas you can fill it with. So what I try to do is just over fill it.
  19. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: I am being 100% serious when i say i hope this was a joke
  20. I wouldnt consider myself a body builder by anyones standard. I do however drink one casein protein shake between meals and before bed ( providing a steady flow of protein all day). I also have a whey protein for post workout. Its pretty critical in the muscle building process, the faster you can get some kind of protein in the better after a workout.
  21. sharks are the most brutal/gnar/metal/burly/gangsta/awesome animal fucking ever. pretty bummed i dont have access to tv right now
  22. protein supplements... my thoughts are about like this... taste comes second, the most important factor of protein supplements is does it have fiber, BCAAs and what kind of protein (whey, casein). But if you want to talk about great tasting proteins, I would say cyto sports muscle milk has the best, all of their flavors are kick ass!
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