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  1. Long shot here but does anyone know the website that searches all kinds of airfare websites for you and predicts the trends on prices. I want to say the website starts with an O. I have used it before but like a fucking NOOOOOB i didnt save it in my favorites. I know the home page has a few listings for shit to search for online "travel" being the one you click you enter your dates/places and shit and it shows you what all the websites are offering, I know last time I used it i saved a grip of money. Thanks in advance.
  2. wow fuck bruce dickinson for that shit... for some reason that shit really pisses me off.... IMmad
  3. "mom can i paint rap letters in my room???????"
  4. i dont give a fuck if this is a repost... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w4-6mb4hTQ
  5. I know the faceless was looking for a new vocalist a long time ago... last i heard they had their original dude stay on. Eh i could research it but that requires a bit of effort. Has anyone here seen animals as leaders live? Im curious as to how they( is it even a set band or just tobins solo shit with extras?) live...
  6. NOW YOU FUCKED UP you got chef using yellow caps in BOLD BIOTCH!!!.... but for real just STFU
  7. I love animals as leaders... what kills me is how tobin can be in animals as leaders and veil of maya... weird.
  8. dont confirm on deny his being locked up... if his friends are smart they wont write "free zeb" by doing that you let the police and prosecutors know they got their man...If your post indicates any of this fix it. GxCHxcx im talking to you.
  9. old red chord was so much better than their new garbage.
  10. bump that sneke shit is fucking FULL RETARDED!!!
  11. half assed attempt to get this fucking thread back on track... - deeds of flesh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ3G2WWzOkc&feature=related - the faceless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suhc5FfF8YQ&feature=related -dying fetus (nothing new for yous guys im sure but this song to me is a fucking classic) Im sure this whole post has nothing new for most but eh better than whats going on in here right now.
  12. word... maybe we can get pics of her ass when ya beat it up?
  13. .. yeah i know Edit: nah i aint mad dude... get yours.... I fuck super ugly bitches, fat, deaf, blind, at times even missing limbs... but every single chick i have fucked or got a handjob for that matter did not have a dick. if you thought this was going to turn into a my chick is hotter than your chick thread try again...
  14. You serious? You got a handjob from a tranny... slayer shirt or not thats a fucking dude jacking your wiener piece. I dont think your in a position to question others sexual preference.
  15. YUP bump ol miss red!!!!! If your on here PM me... i aint talked to you in a fucking looooong time
  16. Yet again proof god does not exist... he/she/it would not allow this.
  17. metalasfock


    Well my day was rather retarded. I went to work, watched some dudes fight. Then we all dumped bottles of water out into the dirt because they sat around to long in the hot sun. Im talking like close to anywhere between 200-300 bottles of water. FEMA would have shit a fucking giraffe.
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