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  1. Re: Great Pictures~ I know of several members of this forum who have been to Iraq afghanistan and other nations. Myself included. I never treated a village as a shooting range nor did i ever bare witness to such an event. I guess your right though since you saw it on the interweb... i must be one in a million huh. I am not saying that shit does not happen, nor does it go unpunished. For people in america are more worried about people in other nations getting slaughtered by our military (which again is by no means right or moral) meanwhile a cop in oakland can shoot a completely unarmed american laying on his stomach and get of practically scott free, and it was all on tape. We need to take a look at our own society first and then start to fix problems else where. Also war is completely stupid... but this is coming from someone who has been there, not just read about it in fucked up "history" books.
  2. Re: Great Pictures~ I dont understand how a photo of this guy hugging his wife (or whatever she is to him) means he is crying about his situation. He in fact is still wearing a uniform which dont mean he is still allowed to serve but could be some sort of honorary thing. And to assume he joined to just kill and maim is a bit much. what if this guy was a medic working on local children teaching them how to brush their teeth and a motor landed and killed some local kids and wounded him? To just assume " fuck him he is a baby killer... he deserved that" is a bit much considering the story of how and what happened was not posted.
  3. I have heard diamond pushups fuck your wrist up... try just close hand where your thumbs are touching but fingers are still pointing forward. I know the military stresses not doing diamond pushups even.
  4. Re: Great Pictures~ Please tell me you live in the northwest.. Im so down to beat the living fuck out of you!!!
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ I like the subtle clues in the background of those depressing ass old people pic. Link to more of those pics???
  6. metalasfock

    im sorry

    yo fucking dad should have blown you in your moms face ages ago.... i hope you die faggot
  7. no hand pushups FTMFW... but nah for real elevated pushups are pretty good too if you cant do handstand ones yet
  8. Your trippin balls dude. That chick put makeup on so she must shower... at least every other day mang. I would smash all fucking day. And the chick with the necrophagist shirt would get it too... my two cents
  9. Thanks for the tips when i get back to civilization i will hit some of them oils and shit up...Yeah my stretch marks are from gaining not cus i used to be a tub of lard mutha fucka... :D :D and that leg press shit is funny as fuck btw
  10. Anyone know if stretch marks go away, or at least are not as noticeable once you stop bulking. I have gained about 15lbs of decently lean mass. The area of the arm pit where the outside of your chest connects to your front delt area is where i have some stretch marks. I take multi vitamins and try to at least throw some fruit and vegies in every meal...
  11. YEAAAHHHHH world bench postin that DAO-status porn!!!
  12. doing time makes you a hero.... just like dying in a burning building.
  13. Never make someone a priority if to them you are simply an option.
  14. remember.... pics (or video) or it didnt happen
  15. HAHAHA you said "being hard for your homeboy" ...... GET IT GET IT?
  16. ummm... and in other news..?
  17. Toe eh... mmmm i wonder if its the same toe i am thinking of...
  18. boom bang pow... bump bars leder and ol klever rock!!!
  19. If I am buying anything that requires an ID card check I will go to regular check out, only cus I cant stand waiting for that person to check my ID. except paint in those certain stores that check to make sure your over 18...
  20. Re: Great Pictures~ daammnnn br0 riot pics fucking raadddddddd.......... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  21. i heard infest and powerviolence is the shit... can anyone vouch?
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