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  1. 1st thing i noted was the use of simunitions.. those things fucking suck dick and do not have even a similar trajectory than a regular bullet so theres that.. 2nd Most people getting a ccw are not retards that haven't touched guns, that air-soft faggot? seriously? air-soft gave that kid some sort of credentials in that experiment. 3rd that guy running into the room KNOWS someone has a gun and is supposed to defend themselves. when in real life would an assailant actually know to look for that, he may expect it MAYBE but he damn sure wont be as ready for it as that dude was. 4th And as many others have stated of course they need more training, there should be a semi annual recert or something. 5th just as Fist666 said, shooting while drawing from the hip leg or even chest is VERY difficult and to master it can take thousands upon thousands of hours of training.
  2. metalasfock

    War is hell

    Give me your 8 digit grid!!!
  3. Dude i know.. i hate that venue and everything about it.. i cant drink and watch the show at the same time. the people that work there are pretentious as fuck. and the sound is shit.. but i always give them my money..when i will i learn
  4. dreadlocks down to your feet are even worse.. dude cynic and scale the summit... whats up?
  5. is lagunitas censored shit any good? saw it at the store the other day.
  6. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends.......... No matter what if a dude is hanging with your girl he wants to bang her. He may not ever make a move on her, however if she makes one on him he will go with it. He may think she is just "ok".. it may not be like he is dying to get that shit, but he would do it. But again in the end he wants to or at least would bang your chick... Take it from me I married a chick who was just a "friend"...keep your pimp hand strong
  7. metalasfock


    http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/Product_10053_10052_172815_-1_202650_10000_202613 Just put in my order for this little guy. I also got some SKS 23mm fenders for it. pretty stoked only paid 480 after shipping... I am thinking of putting on 25mm tires (dude on the phone said it would fit). Anyone else here ride or at least took a ride on these?
  8. metalasfock


    OK there bicicletas I need a good bike for commuting in seattle I will be riding about 5-10 miles a day round trip and climbing some super fun hills also will be dealing with the following: rain, trash, human bodies, syringes, flannel shirts, etc.. So I have been looking at road bikes but am concerned about the tires being able to take the day to day ride and also keep traction in the rain or other fluids on the riding surface. Any help would.. well it would help
  9. WHAT??? have some respect? are you a fucking retard? I dont post much here but that has to be one of the top 5 dumbest things i have ever read on 12oz. You are painting a wall (illiegaly I hope) and you want to show respect by not leaving cans, BOY that shop owner just saw that wall you did and was like "SHIT, well he didnt live the fucking can so its whatever"... never mind the wall being painted where are the damned cans. You are an idiot, kill yourself!
  10. must have been a classic i guess..should have dated that hot piece of fire
  11. wow... that price jekl roof got side busted by "dads"...
  12. ROUGH NECKZ!!!... bump sour leder cemek
  13. metalasfock

    12 Oz. VFW.

    Why wont they let ya join?
  14. HOLY SHIT .... damn kid also eat some fucking food. Casek count me in for the bashing of the weak festival next year!!!
  15. Re: Great Pictures~ YEAAAHHHHHH AND THE RIOT PICS!!!
  16. looks like jerx is rocking HOD now... good shit mang
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