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  1. http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/ PEEP ON THIS SHIT NIGGA
  2. just saw this didnt read any old posts. I know some rapper used to smoke crack and write fat joe not sure who it is I think he might be RZA from wu tang clan and actually had a small part in karate kid too ( little known fact). David arquette also was a drummer in a death metal band that all did graffiti i think they did black bars just like black flag. JA one used to be a rapper in dilated peoples but when they found out he sucked at rapping he started writing graff. The cow bell guy from incubus is superkool223 this i know for a fact he stays in my hood. The drummer from mars volta aint to sneaky he writes " the drummer from mars volta kicks ass" i seen him up on model trains like crazy full trains not just cars shit is sick. And I would smash the fuck outa jessica alba.
  3. metalasfock


    SICK FUCKING SONG!!!! Here is a vid of insurgent snipers in iraq. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xa1h4n_juba-baghdad-sniper-4-islamic-army_news I lost 3 friends to snipers like this...crazy shit mang
  4. Stop posting stupid fucking sketches on BRICK SLAYERS you fucking faggot, thats what paper chase is for, while your at it stop writing, stop coming to 12oz and just find a new fucking hobby where you can annoy others there.
  5. You cant no homo that homie sorry
  6. This is true but if its commissioned and i got a bigger wall I can draw a bigger wiener-piece throwie, that would be pretty dope huh....if its legal its really kinda pointless and takes away from the size because you got all day and night to do it...but whatever you kids like to ride jocks no matter what.
  7. Tonight:try to black out drinking at a homies house which means we usually end up at some bar. Saturday:Going snowboarding all fucking day already got my flask ready!!!! Sunday:recover/maybe go bench a bit.
  8. hell yeah their base guy can fucking get down on that fretless base, makes their shit sound so different.
  9. Talking about Obscure? if so did ya dig it?
  10. Dude if you like the faceless check out obscura
  11. Like poseia said, he needs you to come for whatever reason. He is using your curiosity as a means to ensure you go. Its just like talkin to a trick, dont act interested the shit will work out. Get some information out of this little polish guy and see what you get, worst case he sticks to his guns with his approach and dosent talk, best case he spills just a little and maybe a little more. Either way if you end up going I would be strapped or at least have something on your ass if you aint got no kinda gat.
  12. Not to mention that the AMAZE and JOSH were both commissioned.
  13. Sour Klever Thrive Sicr Daner soda city stuff was wack...
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7Zsz7uc5j4&feature=related BAM!!!!
  15. True stop drinking till last fucking call when i have work at 6 am TPBM has went to bed at 2 with a 10 and woke up at 10 with a 2...
  16. the faceless deeds of flesh cynic behemoth BDM FUCKING OBSCURA!!!!!! necrophagist animals as leaders bulb new mastodon kicks ass i have hopes for annotation of an autopsy new work (seems way less scene kid bullshit from the sound of their new song)
  17. soooo fucking true... TPBM would bang operah given the chance, because its a sport fuck and who else can say they were inside operah
  18. that piece still burns today
  19. different looking sour ya caught.....good post
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