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  1. I think this is what you were trying to post:




    damn stuk coming through with the tracing paper!!!! dude didn't even try to change up the letters.. flipped the E to make an S... i mean shit every letter is based off that ether piece..

  2. so if i say a snake told me to eat an apple.. and my friend believed me.. he is not an idiot right? or what about i saw a guy walking on water and you believe me.. your not an idiot... let me be clear here..




    ANYONE who thinks there is some god listening to your thoughts is a fucking idiot...until they let go of these ridiculous notions of "god" then I will continue to say they are idiots... if they want to ask questions about that little thing called science thats fine.. but never the less still idiots

  3. oh and your stupid if you think some intelligent being created humans or earth .. the only thing that perhaps could MAYBE be of some sort of deliberate design would be the universe, simply because something came from nothing.. but even that is way more far fetched than the idea of humans just not having discovered what the origins of the universe are....


    on second thought i think your right god must be listening and answering to my prayers:rolleyes:

  4. yeah although certain religious groups like the Amish or Mennonites can opt out of social security and have for a while now, but many others believe it's unconstitutional including some of the authors of it in the first place haha. i just don't like the comparison of car insurance to health care.



    i don't really like replying much in this thread because i feel like i've only scratched the surface of knowing about the new healthcare bill not to mention having much of an opinion on it, but when you say "if you prefer private medical insurance you can opt out of the public option" what exactly do you mean? i thought it would be a mandatory thing you had to buy into.


    Im with you dude i don't know much about the bill so i was merely trying to understand it. However with your point on owning a car and all, not all people have a choice. There are families who need a car for a commute because they either have a real shitty public trans system or don't have one at all. Saying there are alternatives sounds pretty universal and i don't think you can say everyone can find an alternative. But i get your point completely.

    However I also think that everyone needs health insurance at some point in their life. Whether you get cancer, or your wife is having pregnancy complications, etc.. I would venture to say needing health insurance of one sort or another is closer to a universal statement than people don't need to drive.

  5. So everyone has to legally have car insurance, but that is constitutional because they are all state laws, and the fed govt give them tax credits for having said laws. Wouldn't it work out if they just wrote a similar law for health care? Im not being a smart ass i support the law but I feel like this would take the whole unconstitutional argument right off the table.

  6. i think yall are grasping at straws here.


    if a corporation (a group of people) murders, kills, rapes or commits fraud, they are liable and accountable, just like any other person in a free society. if they do get away with 'dirty deeds' in todays age, it is because of govt privileges. if a government exists, it is supposed to protect rights. which means, if your rights are infringed upon, they are supposed to make sure the offenders are held accountable.


    liberals have this fantasy that the current system of corporatism in the US is a free market.


    logical implication of fists' original analogy was that corporations some how today are raping, murdering and stealing and that in todays society or a freer society, they are allowed to do this. that is why the analogy is wrong. if someone tries to murder or steal from me, first they have to deal with my own defenses. they that fails, they will then have to deal with the authorities that are supposed to protect my rights and prosecute such infringements.


    if you think because it is humanely possible that someone acting under corporate authority can murder someone, that we should abolish corporations, you must also seek to abolish every person on the earth


    But you make it sound as if its not allowed then it must not be happening otherwise we would hear about it in the news and these corporations would be getting rolled up... This is not the case however, they buy their way out of most "legal issues" they might find themselves in.. Why would the government hold these people accountable anyways if they are funding their campaigns and such? seems to be a bit of conflict of interest and thats the root of this entire issue..

  7. what does legality have to do with it? are you serious? mala in se law is the only just law.


    fine, i'll reword.


    corporations, unless acting under govt auspices CANNOT lie, cheat, steal, murder or rape.

    no one is allowed to do this.

    unless of course you are the government or a person or entity hired under said government 'authority'


    maybe im missing something, but i dont see walmart and apple computer running predator drones over top of people, bombing countries, and being given the authority to throw citizens in jail without trial forever.


    So what your saying is they CANNOT as in like physically unable because of said laws in place??? Or they choose not to because of said laws.. Youd better say physically or else your argument holds no water whatsoever..

  8. An expansive school huh? They sure dont teach you idiots much it would seem.





    What is there to be mad about? youre bragging about $1400 a month... I made that when I was 17 homie. And I never said the goverment was evil you fucking dunce, obviously youre literacy and emphasis are a bit off... mang. Im assuming youre a nurga or a wigger so nothing you have to say really matters to me.


    Job security? Eh well see in a couple years cause I doubt it.

    and free healthcare huh? Keep your free healthcare, PTSD and hooks for hands and ill stay not stepping on IEDs.


    Oh and my college is free too, because I actually didnt flunk high school. damn who knew you could get free college if you could read and write instead of shooting guns?


    nd no sales tax... woah man thats big shit. Where do i sign up?


    whats to be mad about???? im braging about 1400 a month without lifting a finger at this point... im sure you were a big time pot seller at 17 but you gotta understand all i do is show up to school no more no less... no wigger or nurga..whatever racist shit that means.. i guess you will see in a few years about the job security of the military, i doubt you will just see people quit and walk away the govt is a bit smarter than that, we woudl way rather give the military money than you duh!!!...

    I do have free health care and glad to say NO PTSD and i did get hit with IEDS and you didnt so have fun trying to be a badass when all you saw were super hardcore drug deals.. LOL my girl aint even scared of you fools!...

    OH your COLLEGE WAS FREE HUH.... lets not lie here and i got a diploma with a better grade than you.. at least i am 95% sure of that big brains brad!! And if you cant shoot guns then you will father weak offspring

  9. hahaha When you see someone in uniform anywhere, do you automatically launch into a anti-military tirade? :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Did I really make you that mad?:lol: :lol:


    HE IS SO UMAD!!!! recruiters lie about the same amount as any recruiter for any company or job.. OH I LOVE WORKING HERE THE STAFF IS JUST SO AWESOME!!... OH BASIC TRAINING WILL BE A BREEZE its all the same shit.. but if you work for the big bad evil government you are an idiot.. yeah you must be stupid with that free health care, college, no sales tax on post, job security, steady check, wow what a fucking moron!!!

  10. In attempt to get this thread back on track.... for you personal medical situation you need to talk to a recruiter and see what kind of waiver is available IF INDEED you are not eligible. If you are interested in a combat series mos (combat job) you may want to get your foot in the door with a soft skill mos (support job) and then perhaps once you are in try to reclass into a combat job... as for contacting a recruiter google that shit mang dont be a noob... google army/navy/ or whatever and your home town + recruiter im sure something will surface! IF you want to join the military dont let anyone talk you out of it... all this govt is evil shit is a bunch of garbage.. while those guys complain and bitch about their situation you could be doing some fun shit riding in helicopters killing hippies and getting college paid for.... i did it for almost 8 years and am going to a very expansive school for FREE not only FREE but i get paid over 1400 a month for just LIVING... dont regret a minute of it..and for all the people who have NOT BEEN IN THE MILITARY your opinion is irrelevant for the simple fact that you have not been in...

  11. Of course you are basing your opinion of recruiters on first hand experience right? otherwise you would be totally looking like a retard right now LOL.. im just messing im sure you have been in the military and been lied to about your bonus or enlistment length??? YOU ARE A FUCKING OXYGEN THIEF!!!

  12. I did my time not for country or for god or any of that other garbage. I grew up seeing my father in the army and the crazy parties with his army buddies and the few times i would get lucky enough to go to a range and watch them trian. All of that shit was way more powerful then these typical hegemonic reasons. To be quite honest (im sure this will piss a few off) I dont give a flying fuck why we are/were in iraq, or afghanistan and a lot of my buddies feel the same way. A lot of guys enjoy the job simple as that, its the same reason they go on to be "contractors" aka MERCS in africa israel and other places around the world, they are hired guns at that point and are doing what they enjoy for the dollar. Shit.. I just emailed the Aussi army the other day, becasue A the job is fucking fun and B always wanted to go/live there..


    Of course people in the military are aware of the fat cats making their money, i mean shit half of the army sings war pigs while running..

  13. not your fault.. but i will drink me some pints.. but i think its a fat chance that it will happen, i did more reading on it and they want me to fly myself to england for a interview on our own expense. If it was more than just an interview i would consider it but flying there to only be told no possibly is kinda crazy.. but who knows, guess i will wait for an email back..

  14. Firing from the hip ((IMO and my opinion is based on a good amount of training) is one of the dumbest and "hollywood" things you can do. I know there are plenty of marksmen in the world that can fire from the hip. To me I would much rather train on drawing from a holster, and different kinds as well in different locations. Fist we gotta get together one of these days for some range time i havent shot since i got out, and im ashamed to admit i own nothing, but will gladly pay for ammo..

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