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  1. i just got back from this event camped out for 3 days got mad fucked up and liste to some good music. i highly recommend everyone visit camp zoe.
  2. only cause she is down to paint
  3. mando ways revise hecs jaztek like
  4. This dude should be sponsored by huffy cause this is mad huff.
  5. sorry about the shitty pictures all i got acces to right now is the camera phone
  6. [/img] [/img] got this charecter from l.e. for the un cool.. [/img]
  7. i have been considering moving to an English speaking country in Europe.
  8. Want a quick laugh call this number 1800 230 5436
  9. I used to know a head that used to have mac books on dec
  10. Ok tell me some cool shit that you have bought off of a crack head cause I just got iPod touch for 20 bucks. An earlier this year I got a ps3 for 150
  11. thats an old ass webs freight
  12. yo jaz im going to post some shit in the morning sick sketch
  13. [/img] here is a name i been trying out jeru.did this durning my math final that i kmow i didnt pass.
  14. yea this semester i been struggling with some math homework myself especially stats. i found this site that is pretty tight to help out. http://www.wolframalpha.com
  15. first cd i actually owned was warren g the regulators cd
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