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Everything posted by mightymim

  1. I wish I had four thumbs........So I can give this girl four thumbs down.
  2. nice post, i really like that rown piece and eryx snapped with the Gucci paint.
  3. [/img]] anyine dow for an exchange no toys plz.
  4. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] havent posted much in a while but here is what i did in switches book since my last visit.
  5. you got flicks of the whole wall? also im glad i got to meet oyst befor the move.
  6. extraction just get it done and not have to deal with going back.
  7. wow !!! waste of fucking time listening to pointless arguing.on another note those afroes are the shit.
  8. Thunder and lighting here in central il today and we had rain.
  9. so last week it was mad snow and npw this week its almost 60 degress.
  10. beside everything being closed its pretty straight i dont drive anyways so its all good.
  11. on the real the first thing i stole was pokemon card...
  12. anyone know of any good glass blowers trying to find some cool beads and pipes?
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