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  1. rest in peace Justin...you are still remembered, i know you up there partying it up with elliot happy birthday
  2. that says SEZE...those olf ESones are good
  3. bump that shone and trap...was a fun weekend...instant fame
  4. theres a piece of mirror in the J and a saw blade in the E glued to the wall...fuckin weirdo. i held that damned saw blade for like ten minutes while jive screwed with the mirror. last time i was at that spot a few years back u could still see the mirror on the wall caked up with hundreds of layers of paint
  5. there was good reason to blanket delete a bunch of shit...move on
  6. thread got a little spring cleaning...better off
  7. brawling on broadway...that night was seconds away from ruining my life
  8. i have seen new bone marker tags around a particular bar in white plains recently...dont know how recent but semi, dont get up there that often
  9. woah...some good stuff in here...thanks grave, bel, rope...made this a worth while check-in this evening
  10. quite similar to those flowers we painted on that yellow submarine wall with cycle and emit all those years ago...though from first inspection it appears as if this wall actually got finished lol. the smiley faced guy under teh "regal" is a real cutie
  11. rage - most precise writer in connecticut
  12. the piece was too wack to even flick...all i can offer is a throwup
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